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February 2020

This past weekend we had our January Snowshoe and Shoot – the weekend before, the weather was too horrible so we delayed a week and got a very nice winter’s day. There were 12 of us out in it doing the usual including pistol and a rifle walk back to 600m. The lesson learned for some – military surplus ammo doesn’t shoot very well at 600m – that’s why it’s not called “match ammo”, there is a difference.

Linda provides the following:


As of 02-02-2020 the petition was over 146,000, the most-signed e-petition EVER. Be part of it! Sign it . Be sure to watch for the confirmation email (usually arrives after a few seconds)... if you don't see it, check your junk mail. You have to confirm that you signed the petition to get your vote counted. Petition closes midday on 15 February.


MilCun 2020 Courses

Enhanced (Long Range) Rifle Skills (ERS) course focuses on prone shooting from 100 to 600 meters. For the course, you'll need a rifle capable of grouping under 1" at 100 yards/meters, with a scope that can be adjusted for elevation and windage, about 400 rounds of match ammo, and appropriate range equipment (unless you've made prior special arrangements with us). 

  • 13-17 July 2020 (Monday to Friday) - $1000.00 - 1 spot remaining

  • 20-24 July 2020 (Monday to Friday) - $1000.00 - 10 spots remaining

Precision/Sniper Competition (P/SC) course and match. The P/SC course and match focuses on the course of fire for the National Service Conditions Championship from 200 to 600 meters. You'll need to be qualified for shooting at these distances. You'll need a rifle capable of grouping under 1" at 100 yards/meters, with a scope that can be adjusted for elevation and windage, about 500 rounds of match ammo, and appropriate range equipment.

  • 18-22 August (Tuesday to Saturday) - $1000.00 - 4 spots remaining

Enhanced Pistol Skills (EPS) course focuses on accuracy first, then speed and handling. You'll need any operational-style pistol (such as Glock), in any calibre (such as 9 mm or .40 cal), any sight (adjustable is best). Holster is optional, but convenient. Three mags with pouches or pockets. Ammo must have been proven reliable in your pistol; if your ammo presents a danger on the range, you will have to stop using it. You'll need 1000 rounds for the course.

  • 25-28 August (Tuesday to Friday) - $850.00 - 3 spots remaining

Hunter Marksmanship Weekend (HMW) course focuses on marksmanship skills and positions required for hunting. Most of the course will be at 100 meters and less, but there'll be a famliarization at 200 meters. You'll need your hunting rifle with 60 rounds and a training rifle (in .22LR) with 200 rounds.

  • 05-06 September (Saturday-Sunday) - $450.00 - 11 spots remaining

All prices include instruction, coaching, range use, targetry, the world-famous hot lunches, and taxes. If you're interested, email for a registration form.


OSA 2020 Events

See the calendar (attached). The Eventbrite links will be sent out as soon as they're ready. You'll see on the calendar that ticket sales will start on 01 March 2020 for the April, May and June events. Tickets sales for the remainder of the year will start on 01 May 2020.


There are lots of polls, surveys and petitions  going around that often include a question on gun control. Below is one concerning the budget that is worthy of our attention, especially one particular question. Linda provided some specific details on how to get to this particular question. Certainly give your opinion on all the other questions while you work your way to the important one:

The government wants to consult you on budget 2020   Make sure you include the "C" stream and keep going until you get to question e:

How can the Government of Canada best work to address gun-related violence?
Choose as many as you like
A  - Ban military-style assault rifles
B  - Introduce a buy-back program for military-style assault rifles
C  - Empower municipalities and communities to ban handguns
D  - Invest to help cities fight gang-related violence
E  - Other


A member of this list has the following for sale. If you were ever thinking about going with a reflex sight on your pistol, AR, shotgun or hunting rifle, here is a great opportunity to get one. Contact Ian C directly or let me know you are interested and I’ll connect you:


Reflex Dot Sight

Trijicon RMR RM07 (P/N 700046) / 6.5 MOA Red Dot / Adjustable brightness

Trijicon RMR Mounting Kit – Fits Glock MOS Models (P/N AC32064)



Reflex Dot Sight

Trijicon RM08G (P/N 700061) / 12.9 MOA Green Triangle / Dual Illuminated  

Trijicon RMR Mounting Kit – Fits Glock MOS Models (P/N AC32064)




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