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January 2020

We would like to wish everyone the very best New Year. We hope to see everyone on the range. We are working on the calendar and it looks like we’re going to be very busy again. We previously sent out the links for the Snowshoe & Shoots, and as I write this, we’re getting lots of new snow.


Thanks to all ‘you people’ who have sent in letters and signed the petitions. One day the “Great Gun God” will reward you for your efforts.


You people who have not sent a letter or signed the petitions, then may you rot in hell. And if you have signed up for an event and have not sent a letter, then don’t bother coming because you are not welcome here. These things we are trying to fight (particularly the banning of semi-auto rifles and pistols) will affect our livelihood here at MilCun. If you are not willing to support our fight with a simple letter, then why would we support you with a place to shoot.


Attached is a form letter that we are going to give out at the upcoming Fur Harvesters Workshop. We are also providing envelopes with addresses on sticky labels. You too may use the form letter – get as many of your friends and family to sign it and send it in the Trudeau, Blair, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada - David Lametti (Lametti is supposed to work with Blair on this banning of guns thing, because Blair is not allowed to work without adult supervision) and, of course, send one to your own MP.


Below is an outstanding idea sent to us by one of our most favorite list members. He is sending it out to all of his non-shooting friends. Another friend of MilCun took copies of his letters to the local gun shop and the gun shop made more copies for the employees and put a pile of letters on the counter for customers to use – another outstanding idea. You too, could do these things.


As you know, I have been involved in target shooting for many years.  I'm seeking your support to sign two petitions.  The first one is to ask that our Federal members of parliament take the same firearm safety course that all firearms owners in Canada are required to take... prior to voting to ban a vast number of legally owned firearms.


The second petition is to request that our Federal members of parliament vote against banning a vast number of legally owned firearms.


Also, if you know anyone that would be willing to sign either, or both of the above petitions; please send them the links.



Below is an interesting video of the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ. Here a bad guy comes in with a shotgun and kills two parishioners and another parishioner drops the bad guy with one shot from across the room. Then there are all kinds of guns coming out as other parishioners realize what has happened. There are several things to notice as I see it and I’d like to hear from anyone who notices anything else.


First – it really does take a good guy with a gun to deal with a bad guy with a gun.


The anti-gunners have often said that if everyone is armed the situation would turn into a shutzenfest. Well, not so in this case. The bad guy fired 2 shots and the good guy fired 1. Three shots total, over in 6 seconds. As so often happens, the bad guy only kills people during his element of surprise – nothing much you can do about that. Once the surprise of over, the bad guy is over.


The first parishioner to be shot used very bad tactics. He stood up in plain sight and in line with where the bad guy was pointing his shotgun and tried to out draw someone already pointing a shotgun in his direction. A better tactic would be to get down, when you see you are behind in the draw, get out of sight, draw, move and come back up. The second parishioner simply stands there while the first one is being shot and then gets shot himself. These two are caught in the element of surprise and that is always a tough place to be. The third parishioner sees all this going down from across the room and out of sight of the bad guy, draws and kills the bad guy with one well placed shot. He then moves in at the ready, removes the bad guy’s shotgun from within his reach and the rest is administrative.  


Have a wonderful New Year’s Day – stay in where it’s warm and today, I’m working on a rifle for John E…




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