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August 30 2019

Well, the good news to start with is that we have passed our range inspection and for the first time, since forever, we passed with no deficiencies. Like the first time ever!! All this happened because Carl B came out with his little excavator and pushed the dirt back up on both back stops so that they easily met the angle requirement. This has always been a bone of contention in the past and was removed as one for this inspection. Thank you, Carl – we appreciate beyond words what you do for us. In addition, but no less important to getting the range ready, was the efforts of Rob T. Rob came out for the 3 days leading up to the inspection and helped me with the hands-on labour required. This resulted in the range being ready a day ahead of schedule and took a lot of the pressure from us. Thank you Rob, you made a difference. I also want to extend our appreciation to Ian C, who took the time to clean up and organize the target shed on the 100 range. I couldn’t believe all the space he found in there and all the organization he did – it looks so neat that I’m afraid to touch any of the targets. But the inspector man went into this shed, for the first time, and it was ready for him. Thanks, Ian, we appreciate what you do for us.


In my last report, I spoke of the Kennedy assassination and the little test we did to see if any one could fire the shots and hit the targets in the time as described in the Warren Report. But as I progress with this discussion, I’m beginning to see that the number of shots and who may or may not have done the shooting are kind of moot. Having done another little test to see the results of the 6.5 Carcano cartridge (160gr FMJ, 2100fps) against a specific medium. Following is a msg I sent to a forensic friend of mine to get his thoughts.



To begin with, I don’t think Oswald could do what they said he did. He was a below average Marine and barely passed his last qualification with a M1 Garand rifle. He bought a sub-standard bolt action rifle and scope that the FBI claimed they couldn’t get to zero. My friend bought a clone of this rifle and said he couldn’t zero it as well. Then the Warren Report said Oswald fired 3 shots in 5.4 seconds. He would not be trained or practiced at shooting a bolt action rifle, let alone shooting it in a hurry and hitting a moving man in the head at 81m.


I recently conducted a little test. I lined up 3 metal plates at the distances they said Oswald fired his shots. These were, of course, stationary targets. I then had 18 people, one at a time, into our 2-story hunting tower and shoot out of the window at the plates while I timed them. I was the only one to shoot under 6 seconds and hit all three targets, but I was the most experienced with rapid firing a bolt rifle. The experience ranged from experienced and practiced to first time shooters. I figured Oswald shot at JFK for the very first time in his life as he likely had no opportunity to practice at moving targets. After this experiment, my friend now says the real time was likely 8 to 11 seconds. Seems the “Oswald alone” crowd has to keep changing the facts to make their theory work.


The second reason, and the one that gives it all away, as I see it, is that the shot that explodes Kennedy’s head as seen in the Zapruder film, was caused by a high velocity bullet while the bullets that struck Kennedy and Connelly earlier were low velocity bullets – thus two different rifles and at least 2 different shooters. I was able to borrow my friend’s clone of Oswald’s rifle and shot it with ammo that had a lot number, one number different than that used by Oswald. I wanted to see if the bullet would cause the same cloud of red mist as see in the Zapruder film. The ammo in the 6.5 Carcano was 160 gr FMJ at 2100fps.


Friends of mine in a local police agency, advised that they use a melon tightly wrapped in duct tape to simulate a head. What are your thoughts with that?? I acquired melons and wrapped them with tape. Now I needed to know where the rifle was going to hit, in order to hit the melon at 81m. I covered a 4ft target backer with clean paper and put a 5.5inch sticky dot near the bottom. I shot from a bench with a very steady hold and since my friend said he couldn’t make the scope work, I used the very primitive iron sights. While aiming at the dot, I fired a shot and found the bullet hole 21 inches above my point of aim. I then placed a 5.5 inch sticky dot centred over the bullet hole. We then placed a frame, one meter in front of the 4 ft and suspended a melon so that it lined up with the top dot. I then fired a shot, while aiming at the bottom dot and hit the melon. We videoed the melon. The melon virtually didn’t move, with a small exit wound and very little splatter. We shot at a second melon this way with the same results.


Then I wanted to duplicate the shot from the grassy knoll using a high velocity round. The distance from the grassy knoll to the limo was about 25-30m. The rifle and ammo that I used was a 223 bolt action hunting rifle and 55gr, hunting type bullet, the velocity would be at least 3100fps. The melon exploded with a lot of splatter on the 4ft backer.


Although the melons may not represent a human head perfectly, the medium was the same for both rifles and types of ammo. The melon shot with the high velocity round more closely demonstrated the type of wound shown in Kennedy’s autopsy pictures.


So my questions to you:

Is there a better medium to use to more closely represent a human head?

Does the “red mist” shot in the Zapruder film look like a high velocity round?


So, I will keep you informed as this develops – I find it kinda fun to use skills and experience to come up with possible scenarios.


Our next event is the Tories on Target. If you would like to attend as a volunteer to help us watch everyone, just let us know. In the evening following this event is our first Lights and Laser event. On the following Sunday is our Speed Challenge (AKA Steel Challenge) – there is still lots of spaces open for this event.


Keith Cunningham CD, C3GC6, CSR4, CSP8, COP1

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