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March 2020

Last weekend we had our last Snowshoe and Shoot of the winter. With the warm weather we’ve been getting, the road in was bare in most places. Because I had blown the snow from the ranges at some time during the winter, the firing mounds too were bare. So it was most certainly a Boot and Shoot. There were nine of us, with several who had registered, wisely withdrawing because of a concern they might have been with a high risk group. That’s exactly the kind of responsibility we expect everyone to apply.


We shot the usual course of fire. I’ve been shooting my Glock with a new reflex sight made by Holosun. So far it has been working very well. Since there were so few of us shooting, I decided to shoot my 6.5-284 with it’s new IBI barrel, just to get some new elevations. To my surprise, using the same load as I used with the old barrel, the new barrel shot to within a half moa of the old settings. We shot all the way back to 600m before it was time to come out.


We want to say “thank you” again for the gifts many of our shooting friends left us – your generosity is truly appreciated:

  • Pat H brought us some medical masks, thermometers, and hand sanitizer. We have distributed them to our vehicles and locations around the house so they are handy and will increase the chances of being used.

  • Sunny brought us a selection of wonderful, top quality fruit. Linda is making us hot lemonade daily to improve our immune system.

  • Larry L made us a beautiful laminated cutting board – you know the kind – too nice to use a knife on it. We have talked to him about making us a laminated plank suitable for making a gun stock.

  • Nick brought us some plastic pellets, hard to find and the kind we use for filling bunny bags.

  • Janya – well, Janya brought us chocolate chip cookies – wonderful, chewy chocolate chip cookies. I’m not sure what ingredients she uses but one causes them to evaporate.


Special thanks to the Longo group, who came out and helped cut and split some wood for next winter. It is amazing how much work gets done with many hands. Thanks guys, it is truly appreciated.


The latest list of essential businesses from the Ontario government is now out and it doesn’t include ranges. If you can imagine a shooting range not considered “essential”. So our plan is the leave the schedule as is and we will cancel events as we go. In all likelihood, the province will stay shut down for, at least, several months, but who can say for sure. We will refund registration fees as we go. If you want out now, just let us know.



A course we may offer next year is one on leadership. This would be a 2 day course over a weekend and would be for anyone who could use the training. We would limit the number of student so each could get the practice. In our former life, both Linda and I have had considerable experience with providing and teaching leadership. I was a recon team leader in Vietnam and an Infantry officer in the CAF. Linda was sent around the world as a management consultant having to gently point out to various businesses leaders what an ass they’ve been about running their business. So if you are interested, we can book this in for next year – let me know if you are interested.



I have been finding it harder and harder to believe anything the media has been saying. When they report on a specific event, there is a very good chance the event actually happened but an equally good chance it didn’t happen the way they just said it did. Certain media sources I don’t even look at anymore because they are so slanted in one direction it’s to the point of out right lying. Below is an interesting video on the topic. Also, for those of us who have to get up and speak in front of others, notice how this woman delivers her speech – it’s an outstanding example on how to do it:  


Below is an interesting talk given by Bill Gates a few years ago:  


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