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May 2020

Wow, the following link is pure magic. It is a letter written to Chrystia Freeland from a law-abiding female gun owner. Ladies, whether you own a gun or not, cut and paste the following letter and tell the politicians just how much you agree with it… you know… if you do agree with it… and were inclined to send it… you know… if you want to...

Although I have the link above, I’ve cut and pasted it here below so you can read it directly. Below is also what I have just sent to my list of politicians and senators:

The following is from a law-abiding female gun owner. Got any idea how many law-abiding female gun owners she is speaking for? This falls directly in line with your “doing this for public safety” lies hoping to stroke the minds of the unknowing masses. There is not a word in Chrystia Freeland’s speech that was true.  It’s a scary page right out of Hitler’s handbook on how to control the unknowing masses – scary… Read this and learn something: (Did I mention it’s from a law-abiding female gun owner??)

Human Rights for All 


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The Fetishization of Feminism

An open letter to Chrystia Freeland


Let’s get this straight – you don’t speak for me, and I am not alone.

I have never considered voicing this much of my personal position until I heard your words from my kitchen on May 1st, 2020 and realized that I had no choice. I will never forget my physical cringe at your instantaneous minimization of inclusive human rights, specifically women and girls. For the first time as a voting Canadian-born female citizen, I felt unsafe from the actions and attitude of my own government. This isn’t about taking away a gun, it’s much more sinister than that. This is about separating my rights from those of others and muting my democratic voice.

“These guns make it easier to commit mass murder and the culture around their fetishization makes our country inherently more dangerous for the people most vulnerable. That is women and girls.”

So now we are a segregated, fragile sub-set of the population who need to depend on those of another gender for protection? Are you suggesting that there are no legal female restricted firearms civilians who have equally participated in society and the democratic process and deserve the right to be represented by the elected government?

As if that wasn’t enough.

“We also know that the availability of assault style weapons puts vulnerable populations, women, queer and trans people, indigenous people, and people of color at particular risk.”

Now you widen the scope to single out specific gender, race, and cultural groups. But wait, indigenous people have an exemption under this ban. How does that play out, those women are somehow in less danger than we who happen to be non-indigenous born Canadian females? So, are these laws based on public risk or some arbitrary categorization that will keep the dissention to a minimum? What’s next, the government begins to decide which professions we can pursue?

As an educated individual who has dedicated portions of your career to defending human rights, this is appalling and hypocritical to say the least. In a single speech, hundreds, if not thousands of Canadians just like me, have been characterized as a population, who, by default, has ill intent towards other people while simultaneously being called the most vulnerable and inept at defending ourselves. Which is it?

“Tackling systemic violence is our collective responsibility. One that requires us to challenge our attitudes, strengthen community support, ensure accountability for perpetrators and critically keep deadly weapons out of their hands.”

If you all agree that this is the real issue, why are we talking about more gun control for legal law-abiding citizens? Where are the immediate measures implemented on May 1st (or since for that matter) for illegal gun smuggling and offenses, systemic misogyny and violence against women?

Do me, and the real feminists in this country a service for once. Hold yourself accountable for the standards and rules you apply to others, learn to separate the issues and argue them on logic and fact. Stop using emotional situations and conflicting semantics to advance your agenda, thereby promoting one of the most damaging perceptions to the advancement of women in leadership positions…all the while waving your feminist flag. Your fetishization of gender-based fear is the larger issue.

The white pearls and perfectly polished French twist do not hide the fact that your behaviour is less representative or inclusive than an egotistical male CEO with his dick on the boardroom table. In industries where public safety is paramount, performance is measured on both results and behaviour. The validity and ethics by which good results are achieved is just as important as the result itself. How should any less be expected of our government?

Next time you grace us with your wise perspective on this or any topic, please make this very clear, you DO NOT speak for me…and I am not alone. I’d like to sign this letter respectfully, but respect goes both ways, so until my democratic input is respected as a voting citizen, I’ll refrain.


- Anna MacIntosh, responsible and capable HUMAN Canadian, sister, daughter, aunt, God mother, engineer, scientist, business owner, and legally registered restricted gun owner





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