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February 2020

In the spirit of giving, a donation box will be permanently set up

In the clubhouse for the local food bank, donations are greatly appreciated by many all year long.


Family Frosty Frolic Day Sunday February 16 2020

GBHA’s club and the Junior club is hosting a Family Frosty Frolic Day at the clubhouse. This event will take place on the Family Day weekend, Sunday February 16 2020 and will run from 11:00 am till 3:00 pm. Activities available will include snowman making contest, snowshoeing (we will have some available), cross country skiing (bring your own skis), hiking, trials will be packed down and marked, we will also have tobogganing, a bon fire and a bbq! Please feel free to bring your kids out for an outdoor day of fun and activity. We are looking for volunteers to help out with this event.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or participating please email the club at


This is all weather permitting!



2020 OFAH Conservation Lottery Tickets

The OFAH Conservation Lottery tickets are still available for members to sell or purchase. Ian Driver has volunteered to chair this fundraiser and is looking for volunteers to assist. Tickets will not be mailed out but will be available at our dinner meetings or can be mailed out by request.

Please contact Ian @ 1-705-816-5416 


Demand Your Democratic Rights; Official Canadian Parliament Petition

This petition is in regards to the Gun Ban that the government is attempting to put in place! Please copy this link and sign it, it is for everyone to sign, not just gun owners!


We cannot stress the importance of this petition, please log on and read up on it and sign it. 


Indoor Gun Range

Mike Weimer will chair the use of the indoor gun range during the winter months. Mike will be looking for volunteers to assist with these evenings. The indoor range will be opened on Thursday nights from 06:30 pm till 09:00 pm.

For more information please contact Mike at 1-705-529-9353 or



2019 Sportsman’s Memorial Dinner

GBHA Club held our annual Sportsman’s Memorial Dinner on Wednesday January 15/20. This was a evening to remember our fallen members and honorable mentions. As well we celebrated the accomplishments of our club and its members.

Our award winners were:  

Smokey Woods Award (Most amount of OFAH Conservation Lottery Ticket Sales) – Joe Belcourt

Harold Kettle Award (Conservation Award) – Larry and Janice Ferris

Merit Award (Most Dedicated and Participating Member in the last year) – Mike Crawford

Dedication Award (Years of Dedication and Participation) – Don and Betty Gostick

Lloyd Wilson Award (Most active new member)– Elyse Birnie

Biggest Northern Pike - Greg Edwards

Biggest Musky – Michele Vardy

Biggest Speckled Trout - Dan Wilson

Biggest White Perch – Caleb Lalonde

Biggest Largemouth Bass – Greg Edwards

Toots Wallace Award for the Biggest Smallmouth Bass – Karl Gostick

Biggest Turkey - Tori Edwards

Highest Scoring Deer – Martin Vuksinic

Highest Scoring Moose – Mike Wiemer 

Thanks to all those who participated in entering and congrats to the winners of the awards.

GBHA is looking at revamping the awards for next year to include prizes as well. We are looking at adding gift cards for each category, we also want to remind everyone that this is not just a fall event! We encourage everyone throughout the year to take pictures of fish they catch, noting the weight, length and girth size, with pictures. Send each submission to Calvin, this goes for all categories, bear, turkey, deer, moose etc., we would love to hear the harvest stories! We need to have entries to keep our celebration of accomplishments going or it will come to a very sad ending!  We will put out monthly reminders in our bulletin. Should anyone have any suggestions on awards or categories, please notify Calvin King 705-526-9802,


“Bring a Guest to Dinner” Draw

At our 2019 Sportsmen’s Memorial Dinner GBHA had our draw for two free dinner tickets to be used for any regularly priced General Membership Dinner in 2020, this draw was for members who brought guest to dines from Sept till Nov 2019. Many thanks to all the members who brought their guests to the clubhouse for one of our dinners. It is always great to see new faces around the clubhouse, and with any luck they may become new members! Thanks again to participants.

Congratulations to this year’s winner was Eric Woodman.


Conservation Update

We would like to install some Wood duck nesting boxes over the winter months, when water sites are frozen up and accessible. We are planning for Sunday, February 2 at 1 pm, but we need to find a location. To do this we just need to identify some suitable sites. As always, everyone is welcome to join. If you have/know of an area that could use some boxes, or would like to volunteer, please contact Craig Lalonde at (705)427-3542 (text or call) or


Cadet Winter Camping and Training Exercises

PLEASE NOTE; The Midland Air Cadet Squadron will be at using the clubhouse and will be out on the property for a winter Field Training Exercise on February 07th-09th 2020. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated


2020 Range Orientation Sessions

GBHA’s Range Chairman, Franz Klingenschmitt will be hosting 4 Range Orientation sessions that is open to ALL members in the New Year. However, all new members MUST attend one of these sessions in order to be permitted to use the Outdoor Gun Range.  Please contact Franz to reserve a date.

Dates are: Sunday Feb 9th, Sunday March 15th, Sunday April 12th

These dates are Sundays due to the fact that Range may not be used before noon on Sundays.

All sessions are to begin at 10am in the downstairs hall of the clubhouse.

-Discussion of Range Rules

-A tour and discussion of indoor gun range.

-Visit to the Outdoor Gun Range, overview of opening and closing range procedure, Q & A’s etc…

Range Agreement form will be signed by those attending. Once session complete, form signed and turned in, you are now permitted to use Range, bring a firearm if you wish to shoot, beginning at noon.

What you must have with you to use range:

-your OFAH #, without this number, you may not use the range

-your club I.D, you must be able to wear it so it is visible to all.

-eye and ear protection, dress appropriate as you will be outside at the gun range


-targets, stapler or push pins to hang targets

And of course, firearm and ammo. (If using Restricted Firearm, ensure you have A.T.T. in place)

Again, this orientation is open to ALL GBAH members, not just new.

If you wish to attend, as it may have been awhile since you have been to the range, all members are welcome. Some things may have changed a bit. Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. (Email or Text message is best) or 705-543-0463


Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) program and Hunter Safety Courses

PAL, R-PAL and Hunter Safety Programs will continue in 2020, dates to be announced. All programs will be put on at the clubhouse in the downstairs hall. For more information on educational programs, or to enroll contact Reid Belfry @ 1-705-209-1702 or  


Next General Membership Dinner Meeting

On Wed February 19/2020 GBHA Club will be hosting our monthly dinner meeting. A delicious entre of Roasted Pork meal will be prepared by Chef Claude and his crew. We hope to see you all there to join in another fine meal. Please don’t forget guests are always welcomed. Doors will be open by 5:00 pm and dinner will begin serving at 6:30 pm. Volunteers will be needed in the kitchen.

2020 Gun Show/Sale

GBHA is currently setting up the 2020 Gun Show/Sale scheduled for Sun February 23rd 2020

Joe Belcourt (705-427-2065) will be chairing this event and will be looking for volunteers. More information and details will be announced as they come in.


2020 Conservation Wild Game Dinner Sat May 02/20

Joe Belcourt has volunteered to chair next year’s Conservation Wild Game Dinner that is taking place on Saturday May 02 2020. Joe has tickets available for $50.00/ticket with limited seating. He is looking for volunteers to assist with this event. Donations of any kind will be greatly appreciated as we are in dire need of wild game meats and door prizes. If anyone is interested in volunteering in anyway, please contact Joe Belcourt 705-427-2065

Donations of any kind will be greatly appreciated as we are in dire need of wild game meats.

Door Prize donations would be greatly appreciated as well.

Wild Game Donations

Often you have seen the request for wild game meat, to be donated to the club for events. This can be made up of many different types of meats, such as moose, venison, bear, birds etc. We ask for these donations so that yes, these events are less expensive for the club, but for the experience of others to have a taste of the wild game meats they would not normally be exposed to or have ability to obtain. These donations are always greatly appreciated not only by the club but by the attendees of the events. So we ask that if you have some wild game meats and you are willing to donate some to our club, please contact Joe Belcourt 705-427-2065


2020 Membership Drive and Renewals

GBHA’s would like to welcome Elyse Birnie as our new Membership Chairperson. Elyse has updated the renewal forms and applications for 2020 and are available on our website as well copies will be available at our monthly dinner meetings. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or etransfer to , if doing e-transfers please fill out a renewal form and forward to the club as well.

New memberships applications will cease February 29/2020 With No Exceptions as well!

There will be a $40.00 late fee after February 29/20, this fee will be added to the price of renewals till the end of our membership drive on March 31/20. With NO exceptions! 

This late fee payment will only be open until the March 31 2020. 

Any member who has not paid their dues by said date shall be deemed delinquent and therefore forfeit their membership in the Club. Should a membership be forfeited, it can be renewed when membership opens in the following November for the next calendar year at the “new member rate” which includes a $40.00 surcharge for the first year. 

 Please note there are some changes to the forms and we appreciate each member updating their contact information. For further information on memberships please contact Elyse at 905-717-9091 or


Request for PHOTO ID

We have had many people question our new request for ALL our members both new and renewing to give us proof of identification through their PAL number and their Driver’s license. The reasoning behind this is to prove who you are should any incidents happen or we need to identify you as being you. This information will be kept as a hard copy in a secure location. NOT ON A COMPUTER! Upon termination of membership this proof of identification will be destroyed.


Youth Expo Day

The GBHA is hosting the 2020 Youth EXPO, chaired by Janice and Larry Farris. This is an open event and will be held on Saturday May 30, 2020 at our Clubhouse. Limited spaces available don’t be disappointed. Volunteers for the day would be appreciated; this is also a great opportunity for any students requiring Volunteer hours for school. Fee is $25.00/child.

Please contact Janice at 1-705-529-6364


2020 Junior Club Memberships

Starting NOW, we will be accepting registrations for the Junior Club.  Anyone who is currently a member of the Junior Club, as well as those interested in joining, are required to complete a registration form with us.  Membership to the Junior Club is free for any youth (4-16 years) that are part of a GBHA family membership, but registration is required.  Non-GBHA members are also able to join, with a paid family OFAH membership plus an annual fee of $20 per child.  Please contact Karl Gostick at with any questions, or to make sure you are on our email list.


GBHA Junior Club Volunteers      

The Junior Club is looking for more committee volunteers to help with running and planning events for 2020. If anyone is interested in helping with this please notify Karl Gostick at @ 1-705-716-1612 or 


Executive Nominations, Constitution and By-Law Changes

GBHA Executive would like to remind everyone that the date of review for the Constitution and By-Laws and the election of the 2020-2021 Executive Board Members are now being accepted. Any changes will be presented by the March 18th 2020 and if needed voted upon in April 15th

2020. The nominations will take place in March 18th 2020 and then voting will take place in April 15th2020 at our General Membership Dinner Meeting.

The new Executive will take positions in May 20th 2020


Pistol and Holster Orientation Courses

GBHA’s would like to host the Pistol and Holster Orientation courses. We have hosted these events in the past and are very insightful to new and seasoned participants. We realize that these programs have been cancelled d/t lack of interest and this has not sat well with a few members. Our instructor needs at least 7 participants to run this program. Please let us know asap if you are interested in these programs. Tentative date is the w/e of May 09 2020. Cost has not yet been factored.

For more information or to confirm your interest feel free to contact Franz Klingeschmitt (Email or Text message is best) or 705-543-0463


100 Year Anniversary for GBHA Club

In the fall of 2023 GBHA’s will be celebrating their 100 Year Anniversary. This is a huge landmark by any means. We are planning to have a celebration open to all present and past members and open to the public. We will be planning many different activities for the day and presentations. But first we must form a committee to take on many tasks and projects at hand first to ensure this celebration goes off without any issues. If you are interested in joining this committee please contact the club at We will be having a presentation on this celebration at our next dinner meeting February 19 2020.


New Front Entrance

As part of our 100 Year Anniversary and in attempt to keep our clubhouse in good shape, we would like to build a new front entrance on the front of our building. Plans have been drawn up for this new entrance and a smoke shelter off to the north side of the building. We hope to have the pricing quotes in for the February dinner meeting so that it can be presented and voted upon by the membership.


Ladies Intro to Turkey Hunting

The GBHA has partnered with the Canadian Sportswoman Society (CSS) and Ontario Archery supply to bring you an event geared to introducing women to the world of Turkey hunting.  Whether you are brand new or a seasoned hunter already, this day is sure to be a fun and informative one (apprentice hunters are welcome).  This will take place on April 4th, right here at our Club and the cost to join is $50 per person.  The price includes lunch, refreshments, use of equipment, ammo (provided by Kent Cartridge Canada) and giveaways.  Topics will include Turkey tactics, archery basics, shotgun basics, blind set ups and hunting scenarios.  There will also be some great door prizes and raffles.  Space is limited, and the CSS' events always sell out, so be sure to register early. 

To register, or for any questions, please contact Lori-Anne Horst at (226)923-0193 or

Business Registry of Contractors

GBHA would like to develop a Business Registry of members who own a contractor business. This registry will assist in acquiring tenders for paid project work. If you are interested in registering your business, please notify us by email ( what type of business you own and contact information, thank you. This will assist GBHA Executive with upcoming projects.


Harvesting Volunteers Required

GBHA’s are looking to have our name put on list with the OPP Com-Center in Orillia to harvest wild game that has been killed or injured. We will need a lead contact volunteer to be able to take this call from the OPP Communication Center at all times of the day or night. This person would need to have volunteers they could rely upon to assist in the harvesting of the wild game. Some travelling will be required; you will need to dress appropriately and bring tools and clean up kits. It is this type of harvesting that assists in making our events successful and cost effective. Those interested in volunteering and practicing your field dressing and skinning, please contact Kevin Vardy @ 1-705-686-7593 or email him @ or Calvin King @ 705-734-8043


Editor’s Note:

Well we are coming upon that time of year our club holds nominations for the Executive Board. Our board consists of up to 17 members including the past president. We currently have 16. We also have a few executive members who have reached the point that they are stepping down from the board. They will be missed but it is understandable. People get exhausted and want to take a break or a change. Change can be good as long as we are able to retain some experience, a club executive like ours needs the experience of some long-time members on its board, this is why it is good to change up the executive positions, new members bring fresh new ideas.

This can only happen when you the membership decides you want to help out to make a change, to continue the operational needs the club requires. We all know that this type of dedication is difficult to commit to but we need commitment from you!

This commitment is not only for the Executive Board but for volunteering as well. Ever hear the old saying “S.T.P”? It stands for Same Ten People! That’s the way it seems too often be.

I know many have said “I have done my share years ago”, and you may have, but we need our members to be more active! We have noticed some good turnouts but only for certain requests for help. When it comes to request for people to chair an event or project the response is very little to non! This cannot continue if we want our club to move forward.

You as a member need to remember that with each yearly membership you agree to 20 hours per year of volunteer time, we are not seeing it! We cannot let projects fall to the way side, we need to develop and implement activities for the membership to participate in. We need your commitment and dedication.

The Executive ask you to please think about this, this is the time to think about nominations, stepping up for a chairman’s position or volunteering. Trust me I know I felt good doing it and it gave me great pride in doing it!

It would be appreciated, thanks.


Bruce Dunn - Bulletin Editor


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