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In the spirit of giving, a donation box will be permanently set up

In the clubhouse for the local food bank, donations are greatly appreciated by many all year long.


January 2021

In the spirit of giving, a donation box will be permanently set up

In the clubhouse for the local food bank, donations are greatly appreciated by many all year long.


Happy New Year! Cheers to you all!


Update on Covid Restrictions and what it means for GBHA Club


As everyone in Ontario is aware by now, the Covid-19 restrictions has been updated to a Grey Zone for Ontario, meaning a lockdown for many businesses of different types, starting on Saturday December 26 2020 at 1201 am, for 28 days. 


Upon reviewing the guidelines for the restrictions set out by the Premier of Ontario, we would be allowed to leave our outdoor gun range open, that is, should we be able to meet the restrictions and guidelines. Unfortunately, we are not able to meet the requirements set out to keep out facility and our members safe of risk, so your Board of Directors for GBHA has made a decision to shutdown our indoor facility for any and all usage and outdoor gun and archery range facilities for the duration of the 28 days and pending the following restriction updates in the new year. 


Please watch for our website, Facebook and emails for updates, we may not be able to send out a printed bulletin with the closures.  


With very limited fundraising throughout 2020, we enter 2021 with funding from memberships to solely support ourselves as a club, a fine of non-compliance to any stipulations set out by the Province in regards to the lockdown would be very detrimental to our club!


We would like to remind everyone that our property has many trails that will remain open for members to independently use for hiking, skiing, tobogganing and snowshoeing, following outdoor pandemic restrictions and guidelines of course.  


The executive would like to thank Franz Klingenschmitt our Range Officer for his attempts to get clarification and keep our ranges safe and available for our membership and Craig Lalonde for assisting him. 


We appreciate the club's membership understanding and co-operation in this matter, we are only trying to keep everyone safe!



The Executive Board of Directors for Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Inc


Executive Board Nominations and Election Process

D/t the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions that follow with it, GBHA’s Executive have been meeting on a regular basis to deal with day-to-day business. Unfortunately, we have not been able to have our Annual General Membership meeting to have our nominations and election process. It would appear that the membership is in agreement to postpone the election process for this year. The executive will continue to meet one way or another pending pandemic restrictions, and will also continue to keep the membership updated with club news.

Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.


2021 Memberships and Renewals

GBHA Chair Elyse Birnie has updated the renewal form and membership applications. These forms are available as a link on our website , as well etransfers are available to We will try to figure out a way to get you your yearly pin.





Unfortunately, with the advanced pandemic restrictions we will not be able to open the clubhouse for members to come out to renew their memberships or submit new membership applications. 


For identification purposes your PAL number or a Government issued identification

will be mandatory, even for renewals.


Those not renewing this year and wish to renew at a later date will be faced with the surcharge fee.


2021 Junior Club Memberships

Starting NOW, we will be accepting registrations for the Junior Club.  Anyone who is currently a member of the Junior Club, as well as those interested in joining, are required to complete a registration form with us.  Membership to the Junior Club is free for any youth (4-16 years) that are part of a GBHA family membership, but registration is required.  Non-GBHA members are also able to join, with a paid family OFAH membership plus an annual fee of $20 per child.  Please contact Karl Gostick at with any questions, or to make sure you are on our email list. 


Indoor and Outdoor Gun Range Inspection

We recently had our indoor and outdoor gun range inspections completed. We were able to pass the inspections successfully. Our Range Chairman Franz Klingensmith would like to thank all of the volunteers who have helped out through the last year in keeping the range open and safe to use. Great job folks, it is greatly appreciated by the Club!


Cadet Winter Camping and Training Exercises

PLEASE NOTE; The Midland Air Cadet Squadron are scheduled to be at using the clubhouse and will be out on the property for a winter Field Training Exercise on February 13th-15th 2021. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Big Game Blood Trackers

Greetings everyone, my name is Ben Leger I am a member of GBHA club. My trusted companion, Badger(dog) and I are also members of Big Game Blood Trackers of Ontario.

Big Game Blood Trackers Ontario is an Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) sponsored and affiliated organization of volunteer handlers and trained tracking dogs. Our mission is the ethical, humane and quick recovery of big game animals in the province of Ontario.

It is purely a volunteer service, cannot accept or request payment for this type of service as it would be unlawful. Donation to offset fuel costs is acceptable. 

Dog is leashed and we can only track during legal shooting hours. 

Badger and I are available to track within 1-hour travel of Midland. Some tips to keep in mind is to limit the scent in the area, if you lose the blood trail or you are unsure of the shot, back off the track and contact me. If you need a tracker or have any questions in relation to this, feel free to give me a shout. I can be reached at Ben- 613-913 1128 (text preferred)


Editor’s Note:


With our current restrictions leaving us in a lockdown situation, we share your frustration with not being able to come out for dinner meetings and events, sharing a moment of comradery, and or using the ranges. We as executive members are well aware of each member’s feelings and thoughts as we too have them.


With that being said we cannot believe the number of members renewing and new members joining our club! That says a lot about our club!


One day we will return to business, not as usual or normal, but as a new norm! We will adapt and we will gather, share our greetings and conversations, with much more to catch up on.


Till that time comes, the executive would like to thank each member for understanding, assisting, joining and renewing their memberships. Those who have chosen not to renew, we understand and will miss you around the clubhouse. Our doors will always be open to welcome you back.


I personally hope that everyone enters 2021 in a positive manner and wish nothing but all the best to each and everyone of you! Hope you all have a great New Year! Cheers!


Stay Safe, Stay Well!

Bruce Dunn

Bulletin Editor


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