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In the spirit of giving, a donation box will be permanently set up

In the clubhouse for the local food bank, donations are greatly appreciated by many all year long.



Are we all staying well? We certainly hope so! This has been stressful time for each and every human, not just in our area but on the world! It has been truly amazing to see how people have come together and help out those who need it and are keeping themselves and others safe and well.


As a club we have attempted to do our part by cancelling or postponing our events at our clubhouse. It has been disappointing but necessary to take these measures. We have been fortunate that we have the co-operation of our membership and the leadership of our Executive to make the decisions necessary. It has made us all aware of contingency planning and hope we never have to go through this type of situation again.


With any luck the pandemic will pass soon enough and we can get back to business as usual. But in the mean time we ask that you remain co-operative and understanding that we are either following government guidelines and the executive decisions. We will continue to plan our events; they will be pending based on the duration of the pandemic. Announcements will be posted on our web site’s News and Updates section (, our web site calendar, our Facebook page and emails will be sent out. If you have not receiving any notifications please contact us via email to update your contact information. If you are not able to check for notifications on line please ask a co-member for the updates or call an executive member.


Our hall has been cleaned and sterilized and will remained closed at this time, so that the risk of contamination is minimized.


As for the nominations for the 2020-2021 Executive Positions, we ask that if anyone wishes to make a nomination of a member in good standing, to please put it in an email or a letter and forward it to the Bruce Dunn (705-528-2709) We will present the nominations at our next AVAILABLE dinner we have and if needed we will have the voting process that evening as well. 


Should there be any recommendations for changes to our Constitution they be presented at the next AVAILABLE dinner and if needed voted upon. Please note any changes to our Bylaws can be brought up and voted upon at any General Membership Dinner Meeting


GBHA will NOT be giving any extensions on late payments for the 2020 Memberships. As well GBHA’s will not be giving any reimbursements on memberships or extensions on the 2020 memberships d/t the COVID-19 PANEMIC. This is a situation that is out of our control, your co-operation and understanding is greatly appreciated during these times and in the future. 

Next General Membership Dinner Meeting CANCELLED

D/T the COVID-19 Pandemic we will cancel it till May.

On Wed April 15/2020 GBHA Club will be hosting our monthly dinner meeting. A delicious entre of Roasted Chicken Breast meal will be prepared by Chef Claude and his crew. We hope to see you all there to join in another fine meal. Please don’t forget guests are always welcomed. Doors will be open by 5:00 pm and dinner will begin serving at 6:30 pm. Volunteers will be needed in the kitchen.


2020 OFAH Conservation Lottery Tickets

The OFAH Conservation Lottery ticket sales REMAIN ON SALE, the draw will continue according to the OFAH, even with low sales! Thanks Ian Driver for your continued efforts and dedication to this fundraising project, it is greatly appreciated. Please contact Ian asap to return your sold tickets; Ian Driver @ 1-705-816-5416


Indoor Gun Range CLOSED till Next Year!

GBHA would like to thank Mike Weimer and his cast of volunteers for tending to the Indoor Range evenings during the winter months. Mike reports it was a very busy winter and thanks all those who came out to participate.


New Front Entrance 

In attempt to keep our clubhouse in good shape and updated, we are planning to build a new front entrance on the front of our building. Plans have been drawn up for this new entrance and a smoke shelter off to the north side of the building. Once the COVIC-19 Pandemic is over, we will be getting quotes in the near future so that it can be presented and voted upon by the membership at a dinner meeting in the near future, hopefully by the April or May dinner.


Business Registry of Contractors

GBHA would like to develop a Business Registry of members who own a contractor business. This registry will assist in acquiring tenders for paid project work. If you are interested in registering your business, please notify us by email ( what type of business you own and contact information, thank you. This will assist GBHA Executive with upcoming projects


Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) program and Hunter Safety Courses POSTPONED

Pending the outcome and deration of the COVID-19 Pandemic we will be postponing this event.

GBHA will be hosting a Pal and Hunter program once the pandemic has come to an end. The PAL course has a cost of $170.00 and the Hunter Safety course is $150.00, HST included.



As well a Restricted Firearms (R-PAL) Course ($170.00 HST included) will be offered soon. Date to be announced! All programs will be put on at the clubhouse in the downstairs hall.

For more information on educational programs, or to enroll contact

Reid Belfry @ 1-705-209-1702 or  


Outdoor Gun Range CLOSED

GBHA will be following the recommendation from the Muskoka District Health Unit and CLOSE the outdoor gun range effect immediately. Your co-operation and understanding is greatly appreciated.


2020 Range Orientation Sessions CANCELLED


GBHA’s Range Chairman, Franz Klingenschmitt will be hosting a Range Orientation session that is open to ALL members in the New Year. However, all new members MUST attend in order to be permitted to use the Outdoor Gun Range.  Please contact Franz to reserve a date.

This is scheduled for Sunday April 12 2020 CANCELLED

These are scheduled for Sunday due to the fact that Range may not be used before noon on Sundays.

All sessions are to begin at 10am in the downstairs hall of the clubhouse.

-Discussion of Range Rules

-Visit to the Outdoor Gun Range, overview of opening and closing range procedure, Q & A’s etc…

Range Agreement form will be signed by those attending. Once session complete, form signed and turned in, you are now permitted to use Range, bring a firearm if you wish to shoot, beginning at noon.

What you must have with you to use range:

-your OFAH #, without this number, you may not use the range

-your club I.D, you must be able to wear it so it is visible to all.

-eye and ear protection, dress appropriate as you will be outside at the gun range

-padlock, targets, stapler or push pins to hang targets

And of course, firearm and ammo. (If using Restricted Firearm, ensure you have A.T.T. in place)

Again, this orientation is open to ALL GBAH members, not just new.

If you wish to attend, as it may have been awhile since you have been to the range, all members are welcome. Some things may have changed a bit. Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. (Email or Text message is best) Franz Klingenschmitt or 705-543-0463


2020 Conservation Wild Game Dinner Sat May 02/20 POSTPONED

D/T THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC WE WILL BE POSTPONING THIS EVENT. ONCE THIS PANDEMIC HAS CLEARED, WE WILL RESCHEDULE THIS EVENT. GBHA’s will be offering the opportunity for reimbursements for sold tickets or ticket holders can have the option to hold their tickets till rescheduling is permitted. Please contact your ticket seller or Joe Belcourt for further information.

Joe Belcourt has stepped up to volunteer to chair this year’s Conservation Wild Game Dinner that is taking place on Saturday May 02 2020. Joe has tickets available for $50.00/ticket with limited seating. He is looking for volunteers to assist with this event. If anyone is interested in volunteering in anyway, please contact Joe Belcourt 705-427-2065

Donations of any kind will be greatly appreciated as we are in dire need of wild game meats.

Door Prize donations would be greatly appreciated as well.


Wild Game Donations

Often you have seen the request for wild game meat, to be donated to the club for events. This can be made up of many different types of meats, such as moose, venison, bear, birds etc. We ask for these donations so that yes, these events are less expensive for the club, but for the experience of others to have a taste of the wild game meats they would not normally be exposed to or have ability to obtain. These donations are always greatly appreciated not only by the club but by the attendees of the events. So we ask that if you have some wild game meats and you are willing to donate some to our club, please contact Joe Belcourt 705-427-2065

GBHA Junior Club Canteen Operators

Once the COVID-19 Pandemic is over our Junior Club has been asked to tend to the canteen needs during the Auction House auctions at our clubhouse. If you would like to help out with this fundraiser please contact Janice at 1-705-529-6364


North Simcoe Youth Expo PENDING

Pending the outcome and deration of the COVID-19 Pandemic we will continue to use this date for this event. Should the pandemic continue we will re-schedule this event.

The GBHA is hosting the 2020 North Simcoe Youth EXPO, chaired by Janice and Larry Farris. Our North Simcoe Youth Expo will be on May 30th. We need approximately 45 volunteers. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to help with this amazing event. The youth's registration forms will be sent out February 29th. It does fill up quickly. This is an open event and will be held on Saturday May 30, 2020 at our Clubhouse. Limited spaces available don’t be disappointed. Volunteers for the day would be appreciated; this is also a great opportunity for any students requiring Volunteer hours for school. Fee is $25.00/child.

Please contact Janice at 1-705-529-6364


2020 Junior Club Memberships

We are still accepting registrations for the Junior Club.  Anyone who is currently a member of the Junior Club, as well as those interested in joining, are required to complete a registration form with us.  Membership to the Junior Club is free for any youth (4-16 years) that are part of a GBHA family membership, but registration is required.  Non-GBHA members are also able to join, with a paid family OFAH membership plus an annual fee of $20 per child.  Please contact Janice or Larry Farris at with any questions, or to ensure you are on our email list. 


Junior Club Updates

Even though our Junior Club activities at the clubhouse have been put on hold due to the virus concerns, it does not mean that things are not happening with our group.

We have planned to add June 29th to our list of scheduled activities to replace our missed evening of March 16th.  We don't want our youth missing out on these great opportunities!

We are asking our Junior Club members to put together projects on Turkeys and or Monarch Butterflies.  This will not only help fill up some of their time that they have off school but will hopefully jump start their interest in two of our upcoming topics. They have been asked to bring their completed projects to our next junior club night to share with their peers. There will be special surprises for those who contribute.

The Youth Expo on May 30th is still a couple of months away.  Our job has become even more complicated due to the necessary shut downs. We have been working hard completing the registrations.  Please don t hesitate to register your children.  If there is a health risk at that time a new date will be set. 

Although this is a stressful time for most of our families, I hope that we can get our youth out into nature. A hike through the woods can calm our souls and ignite their love for the great outdoors.

Janice Ferris


Woodlot Management

Our Woodlot Management Chairman Matt Wiessflog is looking for a couple of experienced volunteers to come forth to assist in the clearing of trees on our property. He is proposing to mark the trees this fall and then begin clearing in the spring, but would like to set up a team in advance to prepare for this task. Volunteers of all aspects will be appreciated. As well Matt will be looking at the aspect of wood sales. If interested in volunteering please contact Matt Weissflog @ 705-321-6035or email the club.


Conservation Updates
Club Associate Dave Russell has reached out to us to take over the maintenance and monitoring of the 40-50 duck nesting boxes on his property.  It was getting too late in the season to head out this year, but I will be connecting with him to set up a full program to visit and assess these boxes next winter.  I want to thank him for reaching out to us with this new effort.

Annual Adopt-a-road cleanup.  The clean up of Vinden St. will be tentatively booked for April 19th. Of course, this may change, depending on status of the Covid-19 issues at that time.  If we are able to proceed, we will meet for 10 am at the Country Clean Laundromat parking lot.  Please watch for updates to see if we will be able to proceed as planned. Contact Craig Lalonde at (705)427-3542 (text or call), or


Ladies Intro to Turkey Hunting Attendance is CANCELLED D/T THE COVID-19 PENDEMIC

Message to registered participants of the Intro to Turkey Day

Although we regretfully have to cancel the Ladies intro to Turkey hunting and we are unable to provide the hands on (firearms and archery) learning experience this year due to the COVID-19 risk, we aim to deliver the same caliber of instruction for the non-hands on components of the seminar. We will be providing videos on all of the subject matter that would have been covered in person, and instructor will be available to answer any questions you may have. For those interested, Facebook live instruction could also be provided allowing the opportunity for real time questions and answers. We will also be mailing all of the gift bags and prizes (including a phenomenal raffle prize that has not yet been announced) out free of charge to ensure everyone receives some great tools and information to kick off an amazing spring turkey season!

For inquiries, contact Lori-Anne Horst (226)923-0193

Pistol and Holster Orientation Courses POSTPONED


GBHA’s would like to host the Pistol and Holster Orientation courses Saturday May 09 and Sunday May 10 2020. The Pistol course is geared around making you a better shooter through education and practice. The Holster course will build upon Pistol Course and will teach you techniques required to safely draw and fire your Pistol through education and training.

You will receive a certification card or document that you can bring with you to GBAH range that allows you to draw and fire with a pistol in accordance with our Range Rules.

NOTE: this “certification” is only valid for GBAH outdoor range and may or may not be accepted at other ranges

As a prerequisite, you must attend the Pistol Course in order to attend the Holster course.

That being said, there are only 14 spots available for either course and if Pistol course fills first, that will determine the # of potential students for Holster course.

So, if Holster course is of interest, you must act quickly.

Cost of each course to you is a mere $40 per course. (Minimum 7 students to maintain this rate) If less than 7 students in either course the cost will go up just to cover costs. If minimum of 7 students attend either, cost remains $40 for that course. A $20.00 deposit be required will be required.

Please forward your name and contact information as well specify which or both courses you are interested in participating in.

For more information or to confirm your interest feel free to contact Franz Klingeschmitt (Email or Text message is best) or 705-543-0463


License Renewals and Tag Purchasing

With everyone working from home as much as possible the systems for license renewals and tag purchasing has slowed down. We suggest that if anyone is needing to renew anything in the near future or even later this year do it now! It could take months for these requests to be completed!

Harvesting Volunteers Required

GBHA’s are looking to have our name put on list with the OPP Com-Center in Orillia to harvest wild game that has been killed or injured. We will need a lead contact volunteer to be able to take this call from the OPP Communication Center at all times of the day or night. This person would need to have volunteers they could rely upon to assist in the harvesting of the wild game. Some travelling will be required; you will need to dress appropriately and bring tools and clean up kits. It is this type of harvesting that assists in making our events successful and cost effective.

Those interested in volunteering and practicing your field dressing and skinning, please contact

Calvin King @ 705-734-8043



GBHA now have the large OFAH crests for sale for the price of $15.00 each. Hats are $15.00 each or 2/$25.00, crests are being sold for $5.00 each, vests can be purchase for $45.00 each. These vests are a great way to display your badges and buttons of your achievements. Vest, hats and crests will be sold at the dinner meetings or by contacting Bruce Dunn @ 1-705-528-2709.


Editor’s Note:

I hope that you are all handling the COVID-19 Epidemic in your own safe and protective way. If there is one thing, we can take from the situation is the use of Universal Precautions and the need to keep ourselves and surroundings clean. I just hope that humanity is able to continue with these practices and evaluate the need to have a halt once and a while to clean up behind ourselves. Mother Earth may have sent us a serious message, now that things are clearing in parts of this world so are the pollution levels. I just hope there is a way to continue this as well. We only have one earth, and humanity has done enough to it, it is time to be more responsible. Conservation first!

Just food for thought!


Remember to monitor our website, look for emails and announcements on Facebook, our printer will be shutting down in the near future and bulletins or mail outs will not be available for some time!


Stay well my friends and remember to wash your hands and self-isolate!


Bruce Dunn - Bulletin Editor


Please check out our web site for

Club news and updates or “like us” on Facebook.










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