Greetings folks I hope all are well and ready to start getting outdoors again! We have been granted permission to open our outdoor ranges (Gun and Archery) again. Our indoor gun range is closed at least until the winter usage starts up or pending Covid updates. 

However, we are not allowed to open until Tuesday May 19 2020. Please note that we have many new members that require range orientation. We will be making provisions for the orientation programs, please watch on our website for range closures so these programs can be completed.

Please note washrooms will not be available at this time. 

Range rules and hours remain in effect! That being said, there still are restrictions we all must follow. 

GBHA will not be able to provide cleaning solutions or PPE, we ask that each participant please "bring your own" masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Please dispose of all used PPE’s and targets safely in the garbage pails provided. 

Social distancing will remain in place with a - max of 5 people in any area, parking area, outside shooting house waiting for your turn to shoot, etc. All remaining at a minimum of six feet apart.

Only 2 persons permitted in shooting house at any time. Six feet apart!

Be courteous to others, enjoy your turn, but understand others may be waiting. (Keep it to a reasonable amount of time if folks waiting). The range areas will be monitored closely, should any issues arise we will close the range again immediately! 


Please note: The Outdoor Gun Range will be closed the morning of Saturday, May 23rd due to Range orientation. Our outdoor gun range will remain closed on Sunday mornings as usual.

The gun range will re-open upon completion of the sessions. Do NOT show up earlier than 12pm on these days. Please remain in your vehicles should sessions be running late.



Range Chairman, Franz Klingenschmitt will be hosting Range Orientation sessions on Saturday, May 23rd and again Sunday May 24th.

It will be arranged as follows:

All sessions, have been assigned time slots they will begin at the top of each hour, SHARP! 

Be on time, VERY important. 

Each session will have a duration of a MAXIMUM of 45 minutes long including signing of Range Agreement Form. (Form that allows you to use range individually)

Once form is signed, you must leave prior to any of the next group showing up.

We will go through, opening and closing the range, review all rules, answer all questions and sign paperwork.

Sessions to choose from are:

Saturday and Sunday:

7-7:45am - early bird LOL!





RAIN OR SHINE - dress accordingly

Maximum 5 persons including Franz permitted at Range during these sessions.

So, BE ON TIME, but no more than 10 minutes prior to your session's start time to avoid gatherings over 5 persons.

Please, do your very best to attend one of these sessions (there are 10) as it will be getting more difficult to organize these sessions as our volunteers are stretched thin. 

We can get 40 members through Range Orientation if all time slots get filled.

They are on a 1st come, first serve basis.

Prepare to be flexible with timeslot and date availability.

At this time there are no future sessions planned.

Please include:

Full name


Email address and the time slot you prefer, he will confirm which are available and which you are signed up for.

If you absolutely cannot attend any of these 45min sessions, let Franz know that as well and he will try to accommodate. (May be lengthy delay)

While not required, please bring your own facemask, gloves and hand sanitizer to your session if you wish as GBAH will not be supplying any of these items.

It has been a long road folks, hopefully things will continue to improve across all aspects of our lives.

See you soon!

Please contact Franz via email or text message to reserve your spot ASAP.


Range Chairman, Franz Klingenschmitt


We are seeing continuous updates from the Premier about the updates on the Covid pandemic and on how we can return to a "new normal" society. They are allowing for certain retailers to start an opening process and other businesses to begin their maintenance work to be ready for re-opening. At this time we are not included in this list to be able to open for business. Once we have been given the ok to proceed, we will be announcing immediately our plans to move forward with our General Membership diner meetings, opening of our outdoor ranges and the re-scheduling of all of our events. 


It will be a very busy time for the executive to attempt to cram in as much as possible to get items such as our educational programs, club events and Junior club events all rescheduled. Before we do any of these events we will need to do some outdoor maintenance. Unfortunately we cannot work as a group, but once we can we can arrange for a range clean up day(s), and property maintenance day(s) to get things in order. We will be looking for volunteers to help out with these projects and social distancing may still need to be in place to get these projects completed, we will have to wait until we hear for the Premier. 


It has been a very difficult time for us all, personally, mentally and financially. We hope that each and everyone one of you have all been able to deal with this pandemic and hope to see you all soon in the near future. We would like to thank Alan Wheeler for ensuring all of our business affairs have been dealt with and the bills are paid. There has been a few members who have been enjoying the property recreationally and this has also provided added security. We hope to have our doors open soon enough. 


Now onto the Firearms Ban that the Liberal government has felt the need to impose upon many firearms owners. This is a delicate situation and has been discussed at great lengths. Included is an letter to the membership we have put together for our members to read and understand the Club's position on this ban. For those interested in support of a petition a link is included in this letter. 


Again, we hope that you are all safe and stay well.  

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Immediate Release

Trudeau and Blair BAN 12 Gauge and 10 Gauge SHOTGUNS!


The Canadian Shooting Sports Association and the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association demand the immediate withdrawal of the Liberal's flawed Order in Council.


May 5, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Bill Blair looked Canadian gun owners in the eye last Friday and said they would not take guns suitable for hunting away from us.


Mr. Blair is either too inept to comprehend the scope of his new regulations...or he lied to the Government and Canadians.


In the legal opinion of our firearms team - headed by Edward Burlew L.L.B. , one of the foremost experts in Canadian firearms law - Bill Blair banned almost every modern 12-gauge and 10-gauge shotgun in Canada with removable chokes because they exceed the maximum bore diameter of 20 mm as defined in SOR/2020-96.


Canada's firearms industry body, the CSAAA, advises retailers to cease sales of many 12-gauge or larger shotguns with removable chokes."


It is estimated there are 1.5 - 2 million of the common hunting firearms in Canada.


As well, many large bore hunting rifles - some over 100 years old and valued over $100,000 have become prohibited. None of these firearms are semi-automatic or "military style." They encompass common bolt-action rifles such as the .460 Weatherby, break-open single and double rifles. These firearms are captured because the powerful cartridges they shoot - designed to humanely dispatch the largest game animals. PURE hunting rifles.


CSAAA also advises retailers to stop sales of "large hunting calibre, non semi-automatic rifles such as the Weatherby Mark V .460 as these rifles exceed the 10,000 Joules energy restriction.


Despite open hunting seasons across much of Canada, lawful firearms owners should refrain from using 12-gauge or larger shotguns with removable chokes or large calibre rifles capable of exceeding the government's energy ceiling.


These firearms are PROHIBITED and may not be used or transported for any reason.


Intentional lies or incompetent mistakes? You decide.


The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) and the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA) demand the immediate withdrawal of the Liberal's flawed Order in Council and the resignation of Public Safety Minister, Bill Blair.






Weatherby Mark V bolt action hunting rifle

For more information call:


Tony Bernardo, CSSA



Alison de Groot, CSAAA


Canadian Shooting Sports

1143 Wentworth Street West, Unit 204

Oshawa, ON L1J 8P7

Toll Free (888) 873-4339




Greetings Members;

It is hard to believe we have been dealing with the pandemic for over a month now. Our home towns and surrounding areas feel like a different place, things have changed and most of us are all wondering when will it end and when can we go back to normal. It will be hard to believe it will ever be the norm again. We have plenty to take from this, we have had our eyes opened to a new world! Our old world is injured and but it is on the mend!

Acts of conservation, preparation and consideration will go along way to help matters.

These are definitely challenging times and will be for some time, even after the pandemic ends. The coronavirus is a tough test for us all. We would like to thank everyone who is deemed essential and is out there working every day to make society a safer and healthy place. Thank you for all those who are keeping society and economy moving forward and to all those who are protecting everyone. You are all play an important role in society, especially now.

As a club I would like to thank all our members for being patient, understanding and co-operative with the executive decisions. As a reminder our club is closed until further notice. This includes our out door gun range and our archery range.

We will be monitoring the progression of the pandemic and once we have been made aware of the opportunity to move forward we will re-schedule as many of the events, educational opportunities and rentals as possible. As a reminder, we have only postponed the Conservation Wild Game dinner until we can re-schedule. We are offering refunds on tickets or giving ticket holders the opportunity to hold their tickets until we make further plans. Please contact ticket sellers for refunds. All other events are either postponed or cancelled at this time as well.

If anyone has any questions regarding upcoming hunting and fishing seasons or tag purchases and license renewals please visit for updates.

The executive wishes all the best to all our members and their families and we hope to see you all soon!  Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Well!

Calvin King

President of Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Club



Treasure Report

Clearly, we are all affected by Covid 19 and GBHA is no exception.  For the purpose of this report, Financial assumptions are based on activities being postponed to the end of July.


At this time of year GBHA is at its peak revenue point due to the renewal of memberships within these first months producing cash reserves that are at their highest point even after payouts to register you, our member to Ofah to attract their insurance benefit.  Our overall cash on hand is in excess of $80000. including our contingency fund. Our ongoing Operating expenses are starting to curve down as weather which now blend at approximately $3700. per month.  These factors will allow GBHA to remain financially stable using an assumption that we will attract zero revenue from fund raising events normally run during this period.


The casualties of this crisis are the major events that normally provide additional revenue during this period, namely our Conservation Wild Game Dinner which is a major fund raiser for us, as is our Turkey Shoot that has been an entertaining social event for us.  Sadly, it appears that the North Simcoe Youth Expo will also be postponed to a later date and has been an event that we have all looked forward to in the past. 


Although Coronavirus related construction delays, have burdened our renovation schedule for our entrance and other improvement projects, from the Financial aspect, financial gaps caused by delays in our fundraising events will not affect their completion.


We look forward to seeing you all after Covid 19 has run its course.


Alan Wheeler

GBHA Treasurer


Please remember our Conservation Dinner is only postponed and

the Youth Club’s Simcoe Youth Expo is postponed as well. Dates to be announced.

All conservation projects including this w/e’s Adapt-A-Road program are cancelled at this time.








2020 Hunting Regulations


Outdoor Gun Range and Archery Range CLOSED

GBHA will be following the recommendation from the Muskoka District Health Unit and CLOSE the outdoor archery and gun range effect immediately. Your co-operation and understanding is greatly appreciated.


Greetings Members


As the COVID-19 Pandemic is progressing in many different ways

and directions, we are all watching the announcements closely.

GBHA’s Executive have attempted to make decisions in a positive

manner that is best for the club and its members.

We want everyone to stay safe.

We have already cancelled all indoor activities at the clubhouse,

rentals included. We have yet to shut down the use of our

outdoor gun range. Being outdoors it is felt safe to use but only

in small groups. We ask that you kindly use this range with

respect to each other, giving plenty of space, co-operation and understanding to each other. Should we have any complaints we

will close and lock the range until this situation has cleared


As our dinner meeting was cancelled for March, we are still

accepting late payments for memberships until the end of

March. For further information on making late payments please

contact Elyse at 905-717-9091 or

Our Executive is staying in close contact with each other to

conduct our daily businesses and any issues that arise.

Cancellations updates have been posted on our website,

Facebook and sent out by emails for those who have the

internet. This format of using social media and emails will

continued to be used as our form of communication and we ask

those who are aware of any members who not have the internet

please share this information with them.

We have a very busy calendar ahead of us with activities and

programs. Many will have to be either cancelled or hopefully

rescheduled. Please watch for our announcements.


Calvin King

President of

Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Inc.



Attached is the cancellation letter for the Junior Club and the general membership.


Thank you,  Janice Ferris

Range Orientation Program Cancelled!

GBHA's club is sorry to announce that the mandatory orientation has been cancelled for this

Sunday March 15 2020 d/t the pandemic situation. The club will post an alternative date once one is

available. The mandatory range orientation must still be completed before you are permitted to use

the range. 


Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. 


Franz Klingenschmitt Range Officer

Elyse Birnie Membership Chairperson. 


March General Membership Meeting Cancelled

What started with daily reports it is now turning into hourly

updates being announced regarding the Coronavirus and the

shut downs it has caused. As well there appears more cases are

being found and it is a matter of time before it is in our own communities. 


The day was started out by canvassing the executive for their

opinions and advice on regarding weather or not to proceed with

the next weeks general membership dinner meeting. Many were

uncertain, some said to go ahead and let the members make

their own decision to show up or not! Others were adamant to

postpone the meeting or cancel it till next month. I have listened

to a number of Health Organizations recommendations as to

what we should and or should not be doing to keep ourselves

and others healthy and the risk of contracting this virus to a



With careful consideration and advisement, I feel it is important

that we play our role in minimizing the risk of spreading this

pandemic, so I am making the decision to cancel this months

general membership dinner meeting scheduled for next

Wednesday March 18 2020. 


I realize that this will cause some issues with our nomination

and voting for the 2020-2021 Executive Board Members. This

process will be completed at our next general membership

meeting on Wed April 15 2020. If you wish to nominate a

member for the election, we ask that you forward an email to 


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is

better to be safe than sorry. Your cooperation and

understanding is greatly appreciated and we hope to see you all

out at our April General Membership meeting. 


Calvin King

President of GBHA Club


PAL and Hunter Safety Courses Postponed

CFO Direction

We have been notified that the instructor for the upcoming PAL and Hunter Safety Courses scheduled

for Saturday March 21 and March 22 has official been postponed by direction from the office of the

Ontario Chief Firearms Officer (CFO). This is d/t the pandemic situation and will be rescheduled in the

near future. Please monitor our website or Facebook page for notification of rescheduling. 

Reid Belfry Education Chairman


Project Quotes Needed

GBHA's are looking for quotes for a number of jobs coming up, but first we are looking for

quotes on the new front entrance and smoke shelter projects. 


To refresh your memory, GBHA is planning to remove our current entrance cover and install an

new one. This would also include a new cement pad and more paved parking for accessible

parking. GBHA is also planning on installing a smoke shelter off to the north side of the

building as a designated smoking area. 


So we will be looking for quotes for these project work:

1) Demolition and removal of the current front entrance shelter and railings.

2) Demolition and removal of the current cement pad. 

3) Removal of exterior wiring along the front of the building, to be re-installed after framing of

front entrance. 

4) Excavating to the work area to prepare for footings of new structure. 

5) Concrete Work; Footings to be built and filled with cement, blocks installed and cement pads

installed all to code. (front entrance and smoke shelter)

6) Framing of structures (entrance and smoke shelter), we have a material list, quote may or

may not include building materials. 


GBHA has acquired the plans for these projects and were presented at the last months general

membership meeting for members to view. Once all quotes are obtained the executive will

present the cost factor to the membership at a general membership meeting to be voted upon

for acceptance or denial of these projects. 


Should anyone be interested in quoting on these projects please contact

A meeting can be arranged to look at the plans and the requirements needed for bidding. 


Please remember if any member is willing to volunteer their services to help cut the costs of

these projects would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you for your time. 


Calvin King

President of GBHA

Pistol and Holster Orientation Course SOLD  OUT!

GBHA’s would like to host the Pistol and Holster Orientation courses. We have hosted these events in the

past and are very insightful to new and seasoned participants. We realize that these programs have been

cancelled d/t lack of interest and this has not sat well with a few members. Our instructor needs at least

7 participants to run this program. Please let us know asap if you are interested in these programs.

Tentative date is the w/e of May 09 2020. Cost has not yet been factored.

For more information or to confirm your interest feel free to contact Franz Klingenschmitt

(Email or Text message is best) or 705-543-0463


Indoor Gun Range

Mike Weimer will chair the use of the indoor gun range during the winter months.

Mike will be looking for volunteers to assist with these evenings. The indoor range

will be opened on Thursday nights starting Jan 02 2020 from 06:30 pm till 09:00 pm.

For more information please contact

Mike at 1-705-529-9353 or



2020 Range Orientation Sessions

GBHA’s Range Chairman, Franz Klingenschmitt will be hosting 4 Range Orientation sessions that is open to ALL members in the New Year. However,

all new members MUST attend one of these sessions in order to be permitted to use the Outdoor Gun Range.  Please contact Franz to reserve a date.

Dates are: Sunday March 15th, Sunday April 12th

These dates are Sundays due to the fact that Range may not be used before noon on Sundays.

All sessions are to begin at 10am in the downstairs hall of the clubhouse.

-Discussion of Range Rules

-A tour and discussion of indoor gun range.

-Visit to the Outdoor Gun Range, overview of opening and closing range procedure, Q & A’s etc…

Range Agreement form will be signed by those attending. Once session complete, form signed and turned in, you are now permitted to use Range,

bring a firearm if you wish to shoot, beginning at noon.

What you must have with you to use range:

-your OFAH #, without this number, you may not use the range

-your club I.D, you must be able to wear it so it is visible to all.

-eye and ear protection


-targets, stapler or push pins to hang targets

And of course, firearm and ammo. (If using Restricted Firearm, ensure you have A.T.T. in place)

Again, this orientation is open to ALL GBAH members, not just new.

If you wish to attend, as it may have been awhile since you have been to the range, all members are welcome. Some things may have changed a bit.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. (Email or Text message is best) or 705-543-0463


2020 Sportsman’s Memorial Dinner

GBHA Club will be having the Sportsman’s Memorial Dinner on Wednesday

January 15/20. This is a regular Wednesday night dinner so that our

membership can take the evening to remember our fallen members and

honorable mentions. As well we will celebrate the accomplishments of our

club and its members. Should any member wish to nominate a member for

an award please notify Calvin King by December 18 2019. Should anyone have

any wild game entries to be judged, please contact Calvin as well. As a

reminder to all anglers who have an entry to be judged, please forward the

information such as length, girth, weight and a picture to

Calvin King @ 1-705-734-8043 Tickets will be sold at

the door for regular price. Wild game donations will be greatly accepted and

appreciated as they will be used for Hors D’oeuvre served prior to a

Roast Beef dinner that will be served. Doors will open at 5:00 pm and dinner

will be served at 6:30 pm. Cash Sales Only!



For most active new member



Most dedicated to conservation



Member displaying most dedication and service over the past year


Outstanding Dedication Award

Member showing dedication and service to the club over the years


Christmas Food Drive

GBHA Club and Junior Club will be hosting a Christmas Food Drive for the

Tay Township Food Bank. On Sunday December 08 2019 @ 12:00 noon till

3:00 pm, Santa will be at our clubhouse for kids and families to come visit and

have their picture taken with Santa and make Christmas ornaments! This will

be a free event, but non-perishable donations will be greatly appreciated.

GBHA’s goal is to fill a pick-up truck full of food for the Tay Township Food

Bank. Donations can be dropped of prior to the event either at our General

Membership Dinner Meeting Wednesday November 201/19 doors open at

5:00 pm or by contacting Bruce Dunn. We would appreciate non perishable foods

such as canned meats, canned fruits and vegatbles, pasta and sauces etc.  For more

information or to volunteer please contact

Bruce Dunn @ 705-528-2709 or


Attention Anglers and Hunters 2020 Awards Night

A reminder to all anglers and hunters who wish to nominate a

members for an award or to have an entry for the Sportsman’s

Memorial dinner in January 2019, please bring your harvest to

Calvin if sending out to be mounted so it can be judged prior to the

dinner, take pictures of your harvest or catch and forward the

information such as length, girth, weight and a picture to

Calvin King @ 1-705-734-8043 or cktaxidermy@gmail.com22

2020 Sportsman’s Memorial Dinner

GBHA Club will be having the Sportsman’s Memorial Dinner on

Wednesday January 15/20. This is a regular Wednesday night dinner

so that our membership can take the evening to remember our fallen members and honorable mentions. As well we will celebrate the accomplishments of our club and its members. Should any member

wish to nominate a member for an award please notify Calvin King by

December 18 2019. Should anyone have any wild game entries to be

judged, please contact Calvin as well. As a reminder to all anglers who

have an entry to be judged, please forward the information such as

length, girth, weight and a picture to Calvin King @ 1-705-734-8043 Tickets will be sold at the door for regular

price. Wild game donations will be greatly accepted and appreciated

as they will be used for Hors D’oeuvre served prior to a Roast Beef

dinner that will be served. Doors will open at 5:00 pm and dinner will

be served at 6:30 pm. Cash Sales Only!


GBHA 2nd Annual Gun Show.
On Sunday February 23 2020 09:00 am – 1:00 pm
This show was an amazing hit and many items were purchased with big smiles on
this year.
GBHA will be hosting a Gun Show Sale at our clubhouse 3175 Ogden's Beach Road
If you are a person interested in selling their firearms, accessories and hunting and
fishing equipment ($45.00 per table 8ft long).
Entry fee of $5.00/Adult, children under 12 free.
For more information please contact
Joe Belcourt @ 705-427-2065,
We will also be looking for volunteers as well.


GBHA'S executive is seeking members to enroll in positions with the

club. We have several chairman positions available, we are NEEDING a

MEMBERSHIP Chairman to mentor with current chairman to work into 

taking the lead role in this position, as well we need a person to fill the

Volunteer Chairman position, one to monitor and assign volunteers for events

and tasks that are scheduled with in the club. 

For more information on this please contact Bruce Dunn

705-528-2709 or email


Club Vests, Hats and Crests Now On Sale

Have you ever wanted a club vest, so you to can display your badges,

crests and buttons? Now you can, GBHA is now

taking orders for vest for members. Vests are being sold for $45.00 each

, club hats are $15.00 each or 2/$25.00 and

club crests will be sold for $5.00 each. To order or for more information

contact Bruce Dunn 1-705-534-0632, for

ordering vests please contact Bruce Dunn @ 1-705-528-2709.


GBHA Members E-Mails!

Attention all members of GBHA club! Some members may have been already receiving e-mails from the club as

reminders of upcoming events, and activities. If you have not received

any e-mails from the club and wish to do so,

please send us an e-mail. This would be a good time as well to update

your contact information. Our e-mail address is

Thank you for your interest and responding.

Smart Serve Cerification Course



The club is looking for members who will take the Smart Serve

Certification Course which enables them to help serve

in our bar during club events or hall rentals. For further information

contact our Bar Chairman;

Mr. Sterley Stubbings 1-705-529-5776


Cannabis Ban!

As of Wednesday October 17 2018 a bylaw was passed at our General Membership Meeting to ban the usage of

all Cannabis products on the property of Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Inc.


Respecting Your Last Wishes!

While reading some of your favorite magazines or while searching the internet, you may have come across a few

articles dealing with somewhat sensitive issues pertaining to fellow enthusiasts, hunters and anglers who have

passed away. Some of these issues vary from their last wishes of donations to their choice of clubs and or federations,

to, how the family/executor must deal with topics such as firearms, ammunition and other items of interest.

This appears to be on the rise, especially with the long gun registry being abolished! GBHA club has in the past received

monetary donations and some families have expressed interest about in offering the firearms/equipment to the club

as a donation. These donations are always appreciated and are put to good use, but are not expected of members!

Often the executive of GBHA is approached regarding the issues of dealing with firearms such as unregistered firearms,

registered firearms, how to transfer them to an heir, what happens if an heir does not have a PAL or an appropriate

license, who is responsible for dealing with the firearms? Many questions and situations have been brought up on

these and other topics. The executive have been able to answer the questions and or help set up appropriate actions

to deal with these situations.

As mentioned these are delicate situations. Should you or anyone you know may need the assistance of

Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Executive can be re-assured that each situation will be dealt with discretion and

in a professional manor and with upmost respect to the members and family’s requests.    ALL persons in possession

of firearms or other items of interest should be informed of responsibilities and be prepared.

We have also listed some internet links to help inform you and assist in your decision making, please take some time

to think about you wishes. This will be posted in our Bulletin and on our web-site and on Facebook. If the club could ask

its members that we be notified of any fellow members who passed. This could allow us to notify our co-members

wishing to partake in any types of Celebration of Life Ceremonies.

Inherited Firearms;

Information for Executors;

Chief Firearms Offices;


Thank you

GBHA Executive Board Members




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