Update on Covid Restrictions and what it means for GBHA Club


As everyone in Ontario is aware by now, the Covid-19 restrictions has been updated to a Grey Zone for Ontario, meaning a lockdown for many businesses of different types, starting on Saturday December 26 2020 at 1201 am, for 28 days. 


Upon reviewing the guidelines for the restrictions set out by the Premier of Ontario, we would be allowed to leave our outdoor gun range open, that is, should we be able to meet the restrictions and guidelines. Unfortunately we are not able to meet the requirements set out to keep out facility and our members safe of risk, so your Board of Directors for GBHA has made a decision to shutdown our indoor facility for any and all usage and outdoor gun and archery range facilities for the duration of the 28 days and pending the following restriction updates in the new year. 


Please watch for our website, Facebook and emails for updates, we may not be able to send out a printed bulletin with the closures.  


With very limited fundraising throughout 2020, we enter 2021 with funding from memberships to solely support ourselves as a club, a fine of non-compliance to any stipulations set out by the Province in regards to the lockdown would be very detrimental to our club!


We would like to remind everyone that our property has many trails that will remain open for members to independently use for hiking, skiing, tobogganing and snowshoeing, following outdoor pandemic restrictions and guidelines of course.  


The executive would like to thank Franz Klingenschmitt our Range Officer for his attempts to get clarification and keep our ranges safe and available for our membership and Craig Lalonde for assisting him. 


We appreciate the club's understanding and co-operation in this matter, we are only trying to keep everyone safe!


We hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year! 


Stay safe, Stay well, stay tuned!




The Executive Board of Directors for

Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Inc.


2021 Memberships and Renewals

GBHA Chair Elyse Birnie has updated the renewal form and membership applications. 

These forms are available as a link on our website , 

as well etransfers are available to





Unfortunately, with the advanced pandemic restrictions we will not be able to open the clubhouse 

for members to come out to renew their memberships or submit new membership applications. 



For identification purposes your PAL number or a Government issued identification 

will be mandatory, even for renewals.


Those not renewing this year and wish to renew at a later date

will be faced with the surcharge fee.


Elyse Birnie

Membership Chairperson


Club Vests, Hats and Crests Now On Sale

Have you ever wanted a club vest, so you to can display your badges,

crests and buttons? Now you can, GBHA is now

taking orders for vest for members. Vests are being sold for $45.00 each

, club hats are $15.00 each or 2/$25.00 and

club crests will be sold for $5.00 each. To order or for more information

contact Bruce Dunn 1-705-534-0632, for

ordering vests please contact Bruce Dunn @ 1-705-528-2709


Respecting Your Last Wishes!

While reading some of your favorite magazines or while searching the internet, you may have come across a few

articles dealing with somewhat sensitive issues pertaining to fellow enthusiasts, hunters and anglers who have

passed away. Some of these issues vary from their last wishes of donations to their choice of clubs and or federations,

to, how the family/executor must deal with topics such as firearms, ammunition and other items of interest.

This appears to be on the rise, especially with the long gun registry being abolished! GBHA club has in the past received

monetary donations and some families have expressed interest about in offering the firearms/equipment to the club

as a donation. These donations are always appreciated and are put to good use, but are not expected of members!

Often the executive of GBHA is approached regarding the issues of dealing with firearms such as unregistered firearms,

registered firearms, how to transfer them to an heir, what happens if an heir does not have a PAL or an appropriate

license, who is responsible for dealing with the firearms? Many questions and situations have been brought up on

these and other topics. The executive have been able to answer the questions and or help set up appropriate actions

to deal with these situations.

As mentioned these are delicate situations. Should you or anyone you know may need the assistance of

Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Executive can be re-assured that each situation will be dealt with discretion and

in a professional manor and with upmost respect to the members and family’s requests.    ALL persons in possession

of firearms or other items of interest should be informed of responsibilities and be prepared.

We have also listed some internet links to help inform you and assist in your decision making, please take some time

to think about you wishes. This will be posted in our Bulletin and on our web-site and on Facebook. If the club could ask

its members that we be notified of any fellow members who passed. This could allow us to notify our co-members

wishing to partake in any types of Celebration of Life Ceremonies.

Inherited Firearms;

Information for Executors;

Chief Firearms Offices;


Thank you

GBHA Executive Board Members




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