Abu Garcia 6’3 Veritas one piece Rod with Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel Value $362.00

Abu Garcia 6’6 Vendetta once piece Rod with Abu Garcia Black Max 3 Baitcasting Reel Value $215.00


Pit Boss Tailgate Plus Smoker “Compliments JMR Hobby Shop” Value $790.00


Fishing Accessories: Soft Tackle Box, Fillet Knife, Assorted Lures “Compliments GBay Fishing Co.” Value $340.00


Fishing Accessories: Fish Net, Lures, Floats, Hats, “Fishn” Shirts “Compliments Lucky Strike Fishing Charters” Value $112.00


Fishing Accessories: Hats, “Compliments Cabelas Canada” Value $ 30.00 See Pictures on GBHA Website!


Total Value (includes tax) $1849.00


Only 120 Tickets will be sold at $20.00 per ticket! Order tickets early, when they are gone they are gone!


To Order Tickets here’s what you do!

“1.” Email to order the number of tickets you want.

“2.” E Transfer funds to, or phone Joe at 705 427 2065 for credit card payments.


“3” Tickets are not sold until paid for. Draw will be held Live on Facebook as soon as all 120 tickets are paid for.


JMR Hobby Shop ( Is a supplier of Smokers & Accessories, Die Cast Model Trucks, Drones & Parts, Tin Signs, Pokemon Sealed products and a wide array of accessories. A Family owned business for over a decade, go to their web site before you go to a Store.


G-Bay Fishing Co. is a new store just opened in Midland at 485 Bay St. Aaron and Robert have put together a very comprehensive array of Rods, Reels and Accessories.


We are so fortunate to have a store like this again in Midland. No need to travel to Barrie or Orillia for your fishing needs.


Check it out


The Outdoor Gun Range will be open Saturday May 22 2021 with restrictions.

They are:

- As a reminder: Read all Covid protocols posted

- 5 persons max gathering.

- Masks inside shooting house even alone.

- ONLY 2 in shooting house max unless same household ex: parents with kids

-Reminder to familiarize yourselves with all range rules, as it has been a long time for all of us.

And please, be courteous, especially early on when many of your fellow members may be waiting their turn.

- Don't bring every firearm you own with 1000 rounds and expect to spent 8h shooting.

I have personally rotated in and out with others.

4 members were present.
Only 2 can shoot at a time
4 benches.
Everyone can get set up, hang targets etc.
2 shooters shoot for say 10-15min.
Take a break and let others shoot.

We spent more time gabbing afterwards than we did shooting!!😂

We are a club, be good to one another.

I hope we have crested this Covid hill and we are on the backside of it now.

Shoot safe, shoot straight, enjoy your range and most of all, enjoy each others company.

Franz Klingenschmitt
Your Range Chairman

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Theft of Hunting Equipment

We had a new member take the time to go out onto our property to set up his blind for turkey hunting. He was even kind enough to leave his blind with decoys inside for the usage of a couple members he met at the club hunting. Unfortunately, the other members were not able to enjoy his generosity as some SOB took it upon themselves to take his hunting blind and decoys! This has got to be the lowest of lows! Steeling from another hunting enthusiasts! Times are tuff enough right now, no one can afford to lose hundreds of dollars of equipment.

We hope that this type of an incident is not only isolated, but we hope that it does not deter this new member from continuing his membership and enthusiasm for hunting. If anyone has any information on this incident, please contact the club asap, at our club email address




With the current atmosphere of increased restrictions, we will not be gathering for the annual roadside cleanup on Vindin Road in Midland. I had planned to do this leading up to Earth Day, but will likely just head out at some point to do a little clean-up on my own. 


As always, I encourage club members to find little ways to take conservation actions and enjoy the outdoors in your day-to-day lives. Do you have active bird feeders/houses, wildlife on your property, cool trail camera shots, pictures of you cleaning up some trash from a trail / woodlot / roadside, have you built a brush pile on your property to create protection/habitat for wildlife, etc.? Please reach out to me with any stories and/or pictures of these efforts and of you getting outside. We'd love to share these stories with our members as well as the public to further illustrate how much we care about, and take care of, our resources.


There are also a number of great organizations  that are continuously offering online course and webinars that cover a variety of topics, such as; invasive species, gardening to support wildlife / pollinators, species at risk, photography basics, and much more. Severn Sound Environmental Association, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited Canada, the OFAH, Nature Conservancy Canada, Bird Studies Canada, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, Georgian Bay Land Trust, Invading Species Awareness Program, are just a handful of organizations that have offered webinars that I have joined myself. I encourage everyone to do an online search, and sign up to join, some of these types of events. 


If you are on Facebook please make sure to follow our page. You can also follow the hashtag #georgianbayhuntersandanglers on Facebook and Instagram to see posts/photos of what we are doing. 


If you have anything to share, suggestions, etc. please reach out to me at or call/text me at (705)427-3542.


Craig Lalonde Conservation Chair


Grant Application Information March 08 2021;


Government has offered grants ranging from $5000.00 to $250000, for the purpose of businesses to prepare to reopen after Covid - 19. 

The following items is what we applied for;


1. B&R Heating & Cooling   upstairs main hall                                               $65,000.00

2. B&R Heating & Cooling   downstairs hall                                                    $32,500.00

3. Templeton Glass plex glass partitions for tables,

     bar counters, kitchen serving area                                                                $8,370.00

4. Supplies needed to open- Face masks, face shields, rubber gloves

     signage, training of screening volunteers, cost for extra cleaning due

     to Covid 19 restrictions etc.,                                                                         $28,974.00


Total money requested from  grant application                                           $134,844.00



HST is to be paid by GBHA Inc, later to be claimed on our financial reports, with a tax rebate. 


I would like to thank all those who helped in  getting the required info to me, so i could pass it on to John Pugsly from Gladstone Consulting  whom submitted the grant application on time.


Thank you  

Ken Langley



OH  ya forgot to mention if by chance  we get turned down  on this application John Pugsly stated  he will redo the application for the 2nd round which begins April 9th  2021  for FREE!  FREE!  FREE!  With a few changes to the wording, but keep the contents of application the same


Club Vests, Hats and Crests Now On Sale

Have you ever wanted a club vest, so you to can display your badges,

crests and buttons? Now you can, GBHA is now

taking orders for vest for members. Vests are being sold for $45.00 each

, club hats are $15.00 each or 2/$25.00 and

club crests will be sold for $5.00 each. To order or for more information

contact Bruce Dunn 1-705-534-0632, for

ordering vests please contact Bruce Dunn @ 1-705-528-2709


Respecting Your Last Wishes!

While reading some of your favorite magazines or while searching the internet, you may have come across a few

articles dealing with somewhat sensitive issues pertaining to fellow enthusiasts, hunters and anglers who have

passed away. Some of these issues vary from their last wishes of donations to their choice of clubs and or federations,

to, how the family/executor must deal with topics such as firearms, ammunition and other items of interest.

This appears to be on the rise, especially with the long gun registry being abolished! GBHA club has in the past received

monetary donations and some families have expressed interest about in offering the firearms/equipment to the club

as a donation. These donations are always appreciated and are put to good use, but are not expected of members!

Often the executive of GBHA is approached regarding the issues of dealing with firearms such as unregistered firearms,

registered firearms, how to transfer them to an heir, what happens if an heir does not have a PAL or an appropriate

license, who is responsible for dealing with the firearms? Many questions and situations have been brought up on

these and other topics. The executive have been able to answer the questions and or help set up appropriate actions

to deal with these situations.

As mentioned these are delicate situations. Should you or anyone you know may need the assistance of

Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Executive can be re-assured that each situation will be dealt with discretion and

in a professional manor and with upmost respect to the members and family’s requests.    ALL persons in possession

of firearms or other items of interest should be informed of responsibilities and be prepared.

We have also listed some internet links to help inform you and assist in your decision making, please take some time

to think about you wishes. This will be posted in our Bulletin and on our web-site and on Facebook. If the club could ask

its members that we be notified of any fellow members who passed. This could allow us to notify our co-members

wishing to partake in any types of Celebration of Life Ceremonies.

Inherited Firearms;

Information for Executors;

Chief Firearms Offices;


Thank you

GBHA Executive Board Members




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