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Indoor Gun Range

Ranges are for club members and their guests ONLY and NOT open to the public. We are NOT a gun club.

The indoor range is used during the winter months, starting in January. On Monday nights from 6:30 till 8:30 pm, the indoor range is open to .22 calibre and down (air) pistols only. On Thursday nights from 6:30 till 8:30 pm, the indoor range is open for .22 cal and down (air) long guns and pistols only!

Please check our calendar of events for dates of operation.


Rules and guidelines are posted and MUST be adhered to at all times.




If you have any inquires on the ranges, please contact us with your questions.

We have received written confirmation of certification, and this certification comes with maintenance. To maintain the gun range certification, we ALL must obey the rules and guidelines.       

Rules and regulations are currently under review and will be announced and posted soon!

Clean up ANY mess made, including spent brass, into the proper collection container.   


The CFO and our insurance regulations require that ALL shooters using the range SIGN IN AND OUT! Complete the supplied form using ONLY your GBHA membership number (NOT your OFAH membership number and NOT your name). 


For further information or questions on our range rules, please contact our Range Chairman Larry Ferris at 705-529-6364


Events & Inquiries

GBHA is proud to have members from across Simcoe County. If you are a hunting enthusiast, fishing enthusiast or conservation enthusiast contact us at Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers. If you are looking to get involved or help the club with fundraising or other events check out our events page!

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