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Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Inc.  







Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Inc.    




May 2023

In the spirit of giving, a donation box will be permanently set up

In the clubhouse for the local food bank, donations are greatly appreciated by many all year long.

William “Bill” Handy RIP

It is with the greatest of regret to announce the passing of William (Bill) Handy. "Bill" was a very long-time supportive member of our club along with his son Glen. Bill and his wife Virginia both supported the club and were very active over the years with club events. Bill's health has kept him away from the clubhouse of late but is going to be missed by his friends within the club and the members of the club as well. Our thoughts are with Glen, his family and mother through this time of sorrow. Arrangements to follow. 


GPS, Map & Compass Course Cancelled
We were scheduled on Saturday April 22 2023 a GPS, Map and Compass Course. This program was cancelled d/t the lack of interest at this time. This is an unfortunate occurrence as in the past it has been a well participated and appreciated program. GBHA wish to thank Jacek Wojcik for offering to present this program. We hope that we will have enough interest the next time it is offered. If anyone is interested, please contact the club via email to have your name put on a list for next program.


Volunteer hours

We have been asking for your volunteer hours so that we can record and use them as a sign of involvement from our members when requesting grants or, in explaining what we do and who we are as an organization.  This is very important to GBHA

When you volunteer in group activities, the group leader will record your name and hours but if you singularly volunteer for dinners or events, we ask that you provide you hours to us.  Alan Wheeler has been recording hours in the past and Craig Lalonde has come forward to assume this role.

Please, make sure that you forward your hours to Craig as follows:

Thank you, Alan Wheeler


Range Orientation, Range Safety Officer and Range Clean Up Day

Range Orientation was held this last weekend please note that this one was the last one this year. 

The Range Safety Officer Course will be May 7th at 10:00 am

We will have a range clean-up day once the dry weather comes and I get the materials purchased

Larry J Ferris 705-529-6364


After not being able to have a wild game dinner in 3 years I must say it came together very well and it was not possible without all our amazing volunteers.

It was honestly great to see members and non members volunteering there time for this event, also a lot of none members and members that attended the dinner.

I would like to put a huge thank you to:

Shelby McQuaid, Dennie Belcourt, Gracen Belcourt, Greg Edwards, Leslie Edwards, Dan Wilson, Dan Gardner, Lynda Gardner, Rob Burston, Monique Phillips, Mark Kowalski, Franz Klingenschmitt, Jared Daley, Gil Knapp, Reid Belfry, Frank Handerek, Phoebe Handerek, Malcolm Novar, Janice Ferris, Brenda Anderson, Mike Crawford, Zdenka O’Mard, Chuck Edwards, Mark Zimmermann, Mike Wolfe, Jordan Wolfe, Jody Doward, Nicole Pauze, Mackenzie Grigg, Mathew

And our None Members Jeff Morris, Amy Morris, Jamie Trudeau-Lalonde, Shailey Morion, Brieann Lumsden, Isabelle Garneau, Zee Watson, Ryanne Winchester, Christy McQuaid

Without all of you the night would not have been a huge success and would not have gone as smoothly as it did.

We were able to raise $29015.50, after all expenses net profit is $19483.81.

We can not wait to do our Wild Game Dinner again.

Thank you for an amazing night.

Joe Belcourt Second Vic President of 0Georgian Bay Hunter And Anglers.


Bylaws Changes

The Board of Directors have reviewed the bylaws and have some written changes they are recommending. These revised bylaws will be attached to this bulletin and a hard copy mailed out to members still using snail mail. As a reminder an email will be put out prior to the General Membership dinner Meeting May 17 2023. At this meeting they bylaws will be read over and then voted upon by the membership present. If anyone else has any changes they wish to present in writing to the Board of Directors please ensure they are submitted prior the May 17/23 meeting.



Click on link below for access to bylaw changes proposed. 

Next General Membership Dinner Meeting

On Wed May 17/23 GBHA Club will be hosting our monthly dinner meeting. A delicious pork roast dinner with all the fixings will be prepared by Chef Pamela and her crew. We hope to see you all there to join in another fine meal. Please don’t forget guests are always welcomed. Doors will be open by 5:00 pm and dinner will begin serving at 6:30 pm. Volunteers will be needed in the kitchen.

Please remember we have a hamper out for food donations for our local food bank, we all know how tuff it is out there for some people and how much the food costs have risen. Any help of non-perishable donations would be greatly appreciated.


Clubhouse Renovations

We will now be starting the renovations to the upper hall. We will be doing some drywall repairs and painting the walls and ceiling tiles. As well we have had some electrical upgrades completed.

Our outside block repairs are coming along nicely and looks like we will be painting the exterior in the near future. If anyone wishes to volunteer for any of the upper hall renovations, please contact Bruce Dunn at


Renovation Quotes

If any member is interested in submitting quotes for the front entrance build or electrical renovations, please contact Bruce Dunn at 705-528-2709 or all quotes must be in by Friday May 19 2023 at 1200 noon.


100-year Anniversary Committee Meeting

GBHA will be holding our next meeting Monday June 05 2023 at 07:00 pm. Everyone is welcomed to join this committee to plan and oversee all the events and activities for this celebration. Please contact Bruce Dunn for more information or to offer suggestions. 705-528-2709


Sportsmen’s Memorial Awards

With the Turkey season upon us and fishing seasons opening up we are asking each of you to remember to make note of your harvest for the awards at our Sportsmen’s Memorial Dinner. Please don’t forget to enter your fish and wild game entries (from the 2023 season) to be judged. Forward the information such as Bird weight, beard length and spur size (with pictures) length, girth, weight and a picture to Chuck Edwards @ 1-705-529-8871 (



With Turkey and spring bear seasons getting closer to starting up again for the year, we are still looking for members to step up as mentors. We are looking for folks who are willing to share their knowledge with other (adult) club members that are newer to hunting, and who are looking to benefit from the experience of established hunters. If you are interested in being a part of this in any way, please reach out to either Craig Lalonde at (705)427-3542 (text or call) or email or Janice Ferris at


Updated Contact Information

If you have changed your contact information ie email address please notify GBHA asap, thanks.


Driveway Repair

GBHA Club would like to thank Ed Brabant from Brabant Construction for coming in to repair our driveway after the massive rain storm we had in April. Great job Ed thanks.


Internet Connection

Did you ever think you would see the day that GBHA clubhouse would have the internet connection available for members?! Well, we are in the process of having the final details worked out and it will be completed in the near future.

On behalf of GBHA Club Joe Belcourt would like to give a huge thank you to all the volunteers that stayed and toughed it out in this rain to help with todays project. Many thanks to;

Chuck Edwards, Rob Burston, Mark Zimmerman, Norman & Mara Burton, Jared Daley, Warren Pawlikowski, Mike Weimer and Kevin Richards

And a huge thank you to Peter Lumb and Darren Lumb for donating your time and mini excavators to dig and bury the line. Job well done by all thanks everyone.

GBHA would like to thank Joe Belcourt for chairing this project


2023-2024 Board of Director Nominations,

At the Board of Directors meeting on April 20/23 these new board members were introduced and welcomed. Then the new Board of Directors voted for the Executive positions; The President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd-Vice President, and the Secretary.  The position of the Treasure is now appointed from the Board of Directors is filled by Jamie Kennedy. These Executive positions will take affect for the May 17, 2023 General Membership Dinner Meeting. We have a total of 17 Board of Directors members, and Calvin King will remain in the Past President position.


2023-2024 Executive Board of Directors

President; Greg Edwards

1st Vice President: Joe Belcourt

2nd Vice President: Mike Weimer

Secretary: Chuck Edwards

Treasurer position is now appointed from with the Board of Directors.

Please note that any other of the Chairman positions do not need to be voted upon nor do they need to be filled by a Board of Directors member. If any eligible member wishes to volunteer for a chairman position, please notify the Board.



Chairperson Positions

  1. Legal compliance; Alan Wheeler

  2. Membership Chairperson; Leslie Edwards

  3. Volunteer Hours; Craig Lalonde

  4. Water testing; Alan Wheeler

  5. Conservation; Rob Burston and Hannah Edwards

  6. Historian, Fundraiser; Ken Langley and Rob Burston

  7. Director/Treasurer Bingo Operations; Robert Capling.

  8. Bursary Committee Chair; Robert Capling

  9. Event Planner; Dan Gardner, and Reid Belfry (need a member to volunteer to assist?)

  10. Meeting Dinner Ticket Sales; Franz Klingenschmitt, Chuck Edwards and Reid Belfry

  11. Bar; Sterley Stubbings and Reid Belfry

  12. Hall Rentals; Greg Edwards and Reid Belfry

  13. Hall Maintenance; Don Gostick and Mike Weimer

  14. Locks and Codes: Reid Belfry, Bruce Dunn and Warren

  15. Education; Larry Ferris

  16. Bulletin Editor & Communications (Emails); Hannah Edwards

  17. Website and Facebook; Warren Pawlikowski

  18. Forestry Management and Pathway Snow Removal; Matt Weissflogg

  19. Range Chairman; Larry Ferris assisted Mike Crawford Jared and Warren Pawlikowski

  20. Turkey Shoots; Mike Crawford

  21. Sportsman’s Memorial Awards and Trophies; Chuck Edwards and Calvin King

  22. Family BBQ and Event Productions; Joe Belcourt

  23. Wild Game Dinner: Joe Belcourt

  24. 50-50 Draw; Ken Langley Warren Pawlikowski

  25. Raffles; Jarred Daley and Craig Lalonde

  26. Sunshine (Bereavement notifications) Chairperson; Leslie Edwards


Volunteer Needed

As Dan Gardner has stepped down from the Board of Directors, he has agreed to continue with the position of Event Planner with one condition, he has help! Dan Gardner, will be assisted by Reid Belfry but we require another member to step up and help out with this choir. For more information on this volunteer position please contact Dan @ 705-527-0447 or


GBHA Club T-Shirts

GBHA club t-shirts are selling rather well. These T-Shirts are being sold at our dinner meeting and events. These t-shirts are available in all sizes and in either dark blue or grey colors. T-shirt pricing for small to xl is $20.00 each, 2x to 4xl is $25.00, larger sizes will be special order. We will be ordering all sizes up to 4 xl to have on hand for fitting and will take orders when needed. For more information or specific ordering or purchasing shirts please contact Mike at 1-705-529-9353


GBHA Club Inc 100 Year Anniversary Swag

At our next general membership dinner meeting and events, we will be selling our 100 Year Anniversary T-shirts (same price as our regular shirts) and we will also have our 100 Year Anniversary Crests and buttons all on sale (prices to be announced) and we will have our new club vests available for purchasing and sizing.

Not only will we be having the swag on sale, we will be having tickets for our 100 Year Anniversary Celebration Dance but our draws as well with a grand prize being a Kayak Fishing Package, this celebration event and dance will be held Saturday September 16 2023.




Copeland’s Forest Invasive Garlic Mustard

We are once again planning on helping The Copeland Forest Friends ( to assist in their efforts to control the invasive Garlic Mustard (see link below for more info) that is found around their 4,400-acre Resource Management area between Moonstone and Horseshoe Valley. MANUAL PULLING is the best way of controlling garlic mustard; but it must be pulled every year for 5+ years to deplete the seedbank in the ground. We will be meeting at the Copeland Forest (exact location will be updated in the May bulletin), on Sunday May 7th at 11:00 am.  If you are interested, please contact Craig Lalonde in advance at (705)427-3542 (call or text), or                                                                            


National Range Day

National Range Day is a day created to recognize the 2.3 million licensed gun owners who responsibly, legally, and safely own and use firearms in Canada. Last year, we celebrated by opening our range to the public to provide new / inexperienced shooters with their first “range day”, and we are happy to say that we will be doing the same thing again this year! It operates very similarly to the Youth Expo, with guests starting out with an air rifle before working their way up to 22 rifles, then 22 pistol and finally firing a shot out of a 20 ga shotgun at a duck / turkey decoy. Club members are encouraged to attend and bring as many guests as they can! 

**PLEASE NOTE** We are requesting donations and volunteers to help out with National Range Day on Saturday, June 3rd. We will be needing RSOs, BBQ staff, and greeters. If you would like to be an RSO, we kindly ask that you first complete Larry’s RSO course (next RSO course May 7th). For donations, we are looking for ammunition (22lr - high velocity preferred, and 20 ga target load or birdshot) and decoys to help keep operating costs to a minimum for this event, so that we can keep the event free to the public. If you are able to volunteer or donate, please contact Jared Daley at or 289-257-6221.


Outdoor Ranges Closed

The outdoor gun range will be closed Friday June 4th and Saturday June 5th 2023 as it will be used for our National Range Day event. The range will re-open at the completion of the course. Your co-operation and understanding will be greatly appreciated.


North Simcoe Youth Expo

The GBHA Junior Club is hosting the 2023 North Simcoe Youth EXPO, chaired by Janice and Larry Ferris. Our North Simcoe Youth Expo will be on Saturday June 10th 2023. We need approximately 50 or more volunteers. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to help with this amazing event. The youth's registration forms will be sent out in March 2023. It does fill up quickly. This is an open event and will be held on Saturday June 10th, 2023 at our Clubhouse. Limited spaces available do not be disappointed. Volunteers for the day would be appreciated; this is also a great opportunity for any students requiring Volunteer hours for school. Fee is $25.00/child.

Please contact Janice at 1-705-529-6364


Outdoor Ranges Closed

The outdoor gun range and archery will be closed Friday June 09th 2023 from 1200 pm till Saturday June 10th 2023 at 7:00 pm. The ranges will be used for our Youth Expo Day event. Your co-operation and understanding will be greatly appreciated.


Woodlot Management

Our Woodlot Management Chairman Matt Wiessflog has had a couple of volunteers come forth to help out and is still looking for any experienced volunteers to assist in the clearing of trees on our property. He is proposing to mark the trees this fall and then begin clearing in the spring, but would like to set up a team in advance to prepare for this task. Volunteers of all aspects will be appreciated. As well Matt will be looking at the aspect of wood sales. If interested in volunteering please contact Matt Weissflog @ 705-321-6035or email the club @


Name The Clubhouse Halls Contest

Since 1974 when our clubhouse was built, we have always referred to our two halls as either the upper hall or the lower hall! With this year being as significant with our 100 Year Anniversary we have decided to have a contest to name these two halls with appropriate titles!

This contest will run until June 30 2023. The new titles for the halls will be announced at the 100 Year Anniversary Ceremony. Please remember there are two halls to be titled. The two winners will receive one free dinner voucher to be used at a regular dinner at the clubhouse, one free club t-shirt each of your choice of color and a 100 Year celebratory club crest.

To enter, email the titles you have chosen for the two halls, and a brief explanation why you think it would be appropriate for the hall, to the club at . Please include your full name and contact information. Good luck to all entries.


Annual Steak BBQ and Corn Roast

GBHA’s will be hosting their annual Steak BBQ and Corn Roast on Wed Aug 16 2023. For the cost of $25.00 you get to pick your own steak, BBQ it yourself and enjoy the baked potatoes, buns and salads!

This year Joe Belcourt will be chairing this event and will be looking for a few volunteers to assist him. Should you be able to assist, please contact Joe Belcourt @ or call him @ 705-427-2065             

PLEASE NOTE! We ask that any participants DO NOT bring their own foods to BBQ. With people having food allergies we would not want anyone have a reaction to other foods being prepared on the same grill as the supplied food. If questioned as to what was served, we would be able to respond quickly and safely by knowing our menu. As well we ask that participants DO NOT bring pets to dinners unless they are a proven service pet.


Editor’s Note:

Wow what a busy month our club has had with events and renovations. We are so lucky to have such great participants and volunteers to make each event run smooth and be successful.

Our renovations are happening at a comfortable pace and changes will be noticed by all in the near future! These renovations are not only much needed but are all in preparation of our 100 Year Anniversary Celebration Saturday September 16 2023. It is going to be a fun filled day full of events and activities for everyone. Again, many volunteers are making this happen and many more will be needed, and without a doubt when asked they will answer. That’s what makes this club so successful and enjoyable.


Success brings change, and change is always good. Keeps us fresh and moving forward. I look forward to seeing the changes around the clubhouse and with the club itself, and I am sure with the new members on the board they will bring their new ideas and changes will happen.

I personally would like to thank the Board Members that stepped down, their work was invaluable and they will be missed even though they will still be around the clubhouse and chairing different tasks.


I welcome the new “blood”, enjoy yourselves on the board and in your new positions, do not be scared to speak up and move up to different positions within the board/executive!


This will be my last bulletin/email. We will have a new bulletin editor Ms Hannah Edwards. I am very confident that she will take control and make this bulletin better for everyone. I have truly enjoyed commenting on topics and putting the bulletin together for the membership. I hope you have enjoyed it. I will still be on the Board but I am releasing my obligations and moving to the side to let new fresh blood run with it, it is time for change. Change is good, thanks everyone.

Bruce Dunn - Bulletin Editor

Please check out our web site for

Club news and updates or “like us” on Facebook.




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Events & Inquiries

GBHA is proud to have members from across Simcoe County. If you are a hunting enthusiast in Midland, Penetang, Tay or the surrounding area, fishing enthusiast in Midland, Penetang, Tay or the surrounding area or conservation enthusiast in Midland, Penetang, Tay or the surrounding area contact us at Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers. If you are looking to get involved or help the club with fundraising or other events check out our events page!

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