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National Range Day

  • Have you ever wanted to shoot a gun? Have you ever heard the crack of a gunshot come from Ogden’s Beach Road and wondered where it came from? Then come out and join us at our first ever National Range Day! We will have many different kinds of firearms (and air rifles) available for you to come out try under direct supervision of our range officers, no license or experience required. Thanks to the generosity of the Barrie Gun Club we are pleased to offer this event with no entry fee, but we highly encourage you to make a donation to the Gateway Centre for Learning, a local charity that provides adults with the help they need to develop skills to live, learn, and work. We will be offering a $100 gift card to the “Top Shot” of the day and will also be running a draw for one free admission to the Canadian Firearms Safety Course ran by the Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers. There will be a BBQ lunch available at a cost. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jared Daley at

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Junior Club Events 

It's been a long year and a half and I'm hoping we can get back to doing Junior Club Events for all to enjoy. 


On this Sunday we will be doing registration for the junior club as well as doing some well-needed events around the club to get everyone up to speed with what will be happening this year.

I would like to start at 10am and end around 2 or 3 depending on how the weather is and things are going. The ending time as far as I'm concerned is up to the parents and I'd like to leave it open to you.

Please respond if you plan on attending as there will be a lunch provided for everyone. We would like to plan accordingly if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions.


Events in the fall will be communicated accordingly as to how we are able to get together as per protocols. I would however like to have an event every month throughout the year.


I have attached the registration form if you would like to print it out before the event, I will also have some at the event for you to fill out if you wish. 


Most likely all of the junior club registrations have expired as it has been a long time since we've been able to do anything as a club.


It is $25 per youth to register for the year unless you have a family membership with the GBHA club itself. If so all I need is for you to fill out the form for your youth so we have it on file for insurance reasons.


If you know of anyone that is interested and would like to come out please forward this to them and have them respond to me.

Thank you, 

Karl Gostick, Junior Club Mentor



Have you ever wanted a club vest, so you to can display your badges,

crests and buttons? Now you can, GBHA is now taking orders for a vest for members.

Vests - $45.00 each,
Club Hats - $15.00 each or 2/$25.00 and

Club Crests $5.00 each.

To order or for more information contact:
Bruce Dunn 1-705-534-0632,
for ordering vests please contact Bruce Dunn @ 1-705-528-2709

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Respecting Your Last Wishes

While reading some of your favourite magazines or while searching the internet, you may have come across a few articles dealing with somewhat sensitive issues pertaining to fellow enthusiasts, hunters and anglers who have passed away. Some of these issues vary from their last wishes of donations to their choice of clubs and or federations, to, how the family/executor must deal with topics such as firearms, ammunition and other items of interest.

This appears to be on the rise, especially with the long-gun registry being abolished! GBHA club has in the past received monetary donations and some families have expressed interest in offering the firearms/equipment to the club

as a donation. These donations are always appreciated and are put to good use, but are not expected of members!

Often the executive of GBHA is approached regarding the issues of dealing with firearms such as unregistered firearms, registered firearms, how to transfer them to an heir, what happens if an heir does not have a PAL or an appropriate

license, who is responsible for dealing with the firearms? Many questions and situations have been brought up on these and other topics. The executive have been able to answer the questions and or help set up appropriate actions

to deal with these situations.

As mentioned these are delicate situations. Should you or anyone you know may need the assistance of Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers Executive can be reassured that each situation will be dealt with discretion and in a professional manner and with utmost respect to the members and family’s requests.    ALL persons in possession of firearms or other items of interest should be informed of responsibilities and be prepared.

We have also listed some internet links to help inform you and assist in your decision-making, please take some time to think about your wishes. This will be posted in our Bulletin and on our website and on Facebook. If the club could ask

its members that we be notified of any fellow members who passed. This could allow us to notify our co-members wishing to partake in any type of Celebration of Life Ceremonies.

Inherited Firearms;

Information for Executors;

Chief Firearms Offices;


Thank you

GBHA Executive Board Members

Events & Inquiries

GBHA is proud to have members from across Simcoe County. If you are a hunting enthusiast in Midland, Penetang, Tay or the surrounding area, fishing enthusiast in Midland, Penetang, Tay or the surrounding area or conservation enthusiast in Midland, Penetang, Tay or the surrounding area contact us at Georgian Bay Hunters and Anglers. If you are looking to get involved or help the club with fundraising or other events check out our events page!